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Welcome to the Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog LinkUp:  The One About Bethany’s  Epic Meltdown at the Pool!

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pool collage

I am heartbroken to share our latest experience with taking Bethany to the pool.

As You can see in the photos and video Bethany has been having an awesomely fun time playing in the water with her dad. And if you stopped by last week you saw how much she was enjoying her water fitness class too.

When we arrived at the pool this past Wednesday, a new older woman was at the desk. She did not like it that Bethany entered in the “out” gate. I explained that Beth didn’t understand the “gate” concept but she was still not very kind or accommodating whatsoever. Then I had to hurry off after Bethany who had run way ahead of me. I decided that I’d explain Bethany’s issues in detail to the woman and assure her that we’d work on the “gate” skill on our way out. But that wasn’t meant to be!

We always tell Bethany what time she will have to get out of the pool ahead of time so there will be no surprises in that department. Bethany had enjoyed an hour and a half of pool time when I pointed to the clock and showed her that it was time to get out. She refused to cooperate. She had fifteen minutes until the pool would be closing. Shortly after that the YMCA would be closing.

We waited twenty more minutes. I asked the very nice life guard to tell her it was time to get out. She still refused to budge. I was beginning to panic on the inside. I pleaded with God to make her cooperate. But He did not intervene.

My husband had to physically drag Bethany kicking and punching out of the pool and into the changing room where she proceeded to assault us both as we tried to get her out of her wet swim suit and into dry clothes so we could get the H out of there! It took awhile and I began to worry that no one would realize we were still in the building and lock us in!

I thought I’d better inform someone what was going on just in case, so off I went to the desk where I of course, came into contact with the not very nice lady. In between great heaving sobs I managed to tell her about the whole sordid ordeal. I guess the mean lady took pity on me because it turned out that she really was very sweet, sympathetic, and helpful. Thank God!

By the time I got back to them, Malcolm had somehow managed to get Bethany dressed (minus the bra and underwear) but decently enough to be seen in public. Our plan was that I’d pull the car up to the door that was closest to them and he would corral her into it.

Despite the fact that Bethany refused to put on her coat and boots in the 21 degrees and inch of snow on the ground weather, the plan worked beautifully and we were soon on our way home without further incident.

Now we aren’t sure if we want to try taking her to the pool or anywhere again! EVER! We are too old for that kind of a work out!
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When ever incidents like these happen I feel like God is ignoring my prayers. Then I start imagining that He is ignoring my pleas because he is punishing for something that I must doing wrong.

In know it’s ridiculous but in the heat of the moment I begin dwelling on such unhealthy thoughts as that maybe these incidents happen because I’m not praying enough, or because I only pray when I need something. Maybe I’m not reading my Bible enough or praising Him enough, or thanking Him enough. Maybe He’s mad because I don’t go to church or take Bethany to church. But then I remember that God doesn’t expect me to be perfect. No one is. That’s why He gives us all the grace that we need!

It’s unfriendly, unaccommodating people who refuse to even try to understand and of course Bethany’s unpredictable behavior that makes me want to take her with me and crawl into a hole never to be seen or heard from again, and yet I know that I will try over and over and over and do whatever it takes to help my aggressive, violent, annoying and most beloved, precious, little girl have a happy and fulfilled life.

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In case you missed them:

1) It wasn’t until after experiencing disability discrimination when Bethany was diagnosed with a brain tumor and stroke that I began to care about other oppressed people groups including those in the GLBT community. I’m a Conservative Christian Woman Who Believes in Gay Rights.

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4) Check out my first attempt at vlogging at Vlogging at Walmart With Bethany.
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Vlogging at Walmart with Bethany!

My first attempt at vlogging!

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I have been wanting to try vlogging about our real lives for a very long time.  I kept thinking that I should wait until I have the perfect camera.  But I finally decided to just dive right in and do it with my iPod!

The video is just a tad bit over nine minutes long. I know its quality is not great and I’m not so technologically savvy but you sure can get a good idea of what a good shopping trip with Bethany is like!

Shortly after I stopped filming Bethany ran over to the candy aisle and dropped a container of about a million peppermint candies all. over. the. floor!  I’m sorry I didn’t get that on camera!

I must admit, it was kind of weird filming a video like this in public.  I felt like I was talking to myself and was quite a bit self conscious at first, but I quickly got over that!  Now I’m hooked and want to get a good quality vlogging camera. Do any of you out there have any camera suggestions?

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