What’s the Word Wednesday? # 15

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1) Are there really churches out there that embrace and fully include people with special needs? I happy to answer that yes there are, at The Parables worship service at the Wayzata Community Church: A United Church of Christ Congregation in Wayzata MN! Boundary Breaking Worship, Really!!!

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A Random Thought: Compassion

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As the parent of a kid who has endured the physical tortures of cancer treatments and who still faces monumental struggles each and every day, I am sometimes tempted to roll my eyes when I come across a parent who is distraught and freaking out over their child’s runny nose or the need for a few stitches in a finger. I erroneously consider what Bethany has been through as being much worse and somehow more important.

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Koala Crate: Kiwi Crates for Little Kids!

koala crate

I am so excited about Kiwi Crate’s new Koala Crates! These cool craft kits are designed especially with the developmental needs of little ones ages three and four in mind! Each kit is “kid tested” and “expert reviewed” to inspire creativity and promote healthy development!

  • We all know that little kids learn best by combining “doing” with seeing and hearing.  Koala Crates will not disappoint in their utilization of all three learning styles.
  • Each kit will encourage and challenge your naturally curious preschooler with fun and creative hands on learning projects that are sure to inspire their creative juices to flow and promote their development!
  • Inside each crate you will be happy to find all the beautiful, esthetically appealing quality materials needed to complete each project. Also inside each kit is a parent’s guide, and a copy of Imagine Magazine!

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The Baby Shower!

baby shower
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Bethany and I were invited to attend her aide’s baby shower. If you’ve been here before then you probably know all about Bethany’s anger and aggression issues so I’m sure you can also understand my apprehension at accepting such an invitation!

It’s a huge gamble on whether or not Bethany will behave in any situation that requires her to be in close, crowded quarters away from home and her beloved routine. Her aide was willing to take the gamble so I decided to go ahead and chance it. But I also decided to take Malcolm with me for reinforcements and moral support!

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We Have a New Name: “Faith, Hope, and Love”!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I know we did, and I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. Today I want to let you know about a little change going on here.

You may have noticed that I removed the title, “Living and Learning With Our New Normal” from my blog header. I’ve had the tag line of, “Embracing the challenges of brain cancer, brain injury, autism, and epilepsy one day at a time with faith, hope, and love.” in little print on my header since almost forever and I’ve decided to adopt the last three words of my tag line as my new blog name, “Faith, Hope, and Love”!

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Friendship Friday: A Special Needs and Homeschooling Link Up

Welcome FF
Welcome to Friendship Friday Link Up! Here you will find a gathering place of mostly special needs families, families with chronically ill members, and homeschoolers, but you don’t have to be one of the above to share! I love catching up with old friends and meeting new ones!
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I don’t really have a lot of news this week. In fact, it was a pretty boring one. But I’ll take boring over violent anytime! Yes, the violence of last week was short lived thank God, and Thanks to all who prayed for us!

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What’s the Word Wednesday? #13

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1) October 6th and 7th was the the White House Summit and Research Forum on Improved Health and Fitness for Americans with Disabilities. Obesity, and poor nutrition are a big problem for people with disabilities, mostly because of a lack of accessible fitness programs and opportunities to be active and out in the community. This is a list of ten obstacles to physical fitness for individuals with disabilities that need to be and hopefully were addressed at the summit. 10 Issues That The White House Needs to Discuss at the Health and Fitness Disability Summit

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