Good Reads for Special Needs #6

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Good Reads for Special Needs”, my picks of news, current events, and resources that I believe will be helpful and of interest to members of the special needs community.

Good Reads for Special Needs

1) We hear so much bad news….here’s some amazingly good news for a change! An amazing dad got a group of amazing people together and created an amazing school for kids with brain injuries! This Amazing Father Created His Own School For His Injured Daughter

2) See how these awesome firefighters created the happiest birthday for a boy with special needs in their community at The Happiest Day of His Life (Seriously)

3) Meet the woman who created a car that can change the way many people who use wheelchairs get around town at This Woman Invented a Genius Car That Will Change the Lives of Wheelchair-Users

4) Amazing family! Watch the story of a couple who discovered the true meaning of joy and happiness after they adopted children with special needs! Family Shares the Joy and True Happiness of Adopting Special Needs Children

5) Managing violence and aggression is a conversation that must be had for the safety and even the very lives of our disabled loved ones. Please read my own Humane Meltdown Management

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Conversations With a Mail Man: Tales From the Post Office!

Introducing my husband, Malcolm.  The funniest mail man you’ll ever meet!

Mail man

I’d like you to meet  my husband, Malcolm. He’s most likely the funniest mail man you’ll ever meet!

He comes home from the post office with the funniest tales about his adventures with customers there that I thought I’d start a vlog series to record his funny, true stories for posterity.

I hope you enjoy this first video in my series: Conversations With a Mail Man: Tales From the Post Office!

*Warning: We do mention the word “balls” in this video, but it doesn’t quite mean what you might think!*

Special Needs & Homeschooling Blog LinkUp: Apple Fritters

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