special needs stress

Stress, Depression, and Special Needs Parents

Stress, Depression, and Special Needs Parents often go hand in Hand. Where you find one, chances are you’ll also find the other! Parents of special needs children have a lot to worry about. We face enormous burdens that most people will never understand. Constant concerns about our children’s conditions as well as struggling to obtain […]

disabled adult children

NY Parents to Get Paid to Care for Disabled Adult Children?

Apparently, Governor Cuomo just signed into action a new law that will allow parents of disabled adult children to be compensated for providing personal care for their own children!! I’ve often lamented the fact that NY was more than willing to pay strangers and institutions to take care of our disabled children, and not the […]

help special needs chilldren express emotions

Helping Children with Special Needs Express Emotions

A version of this post was first published in 2015 How can we help children with special needs express emotions safely and appropriately? I have a sixteen year old special needs daughter and at this point in time, I don’t believe she understands her own feelings and emotions or how to demonstrate empathy to others who […]

Anatomy of the Brain

A Basic Anatomy of the Brain

Brain tumors can be found in various parts of the brain. Bethany’s was in her cerebellum. After her brain surgery, she experienced drastic behavior changes. In order to better understand the behavior and personality changes I was noticing, I began researching the brain and how it functions. I thought my findings might be beneficial for others also. So, […]

surprise party

Bethany’s Surprise 19th Birthday Party

Bethany’s nineteenth birthday was fast approaching! My husband and I were wondering how in the world we’dd ever be able to top the excitement of last year’s birthday party with Barney. We wanted her nineteenth birthday to be just as fun and exciting as her eithteenth was. After much thought and deliberation, we finally decided […]