Day In the Life of a Special Needs Homeschooling Family!

Day in the life of a special needs homeschooling family
Ever wonder what a typical day is like for us, a not so typical special needs homeschooling family? If so please read on and view our video!

If the thought has never crossed your mind, well then I invite join us anyway!

Because of Bethany’s unpredictable seizure disorder and sleep issues we have never really been able to establish a set routine or schedule for getting our school work done.

But a typical day goes something like this…

Bethany and I wake up anywhere from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. depending on what kind of night we’ve had. I’ll get her settled with some food and a DVD, then I wake up Jeremiah and have him keep an eye on her while I take a shower. He usually has one eye on her and one on his computer!

After my shower, depending on Bethany’s condition or mood she and I might play an educational game or two before I begin working with Jeremiah, or I might decide it’s better to just let her chill out on the couch for a while first.

Jerry and I work together for a couple of hours on Math, Earth Science, Language Arts, History/Geography, Art History/Appreciation, and Health. He usually has some history questions or other project that he has to research after that. He and I usually eat lunch while we work. We typically do not eat breakfast.

Of course all the while I’m working with Jerry, I am also going back and forth to play another game with Bethany, read a book to her, fit in a quick lesson of some kind, or sing along for a few songs with her and Barney.

Malcolm and my daughter, Rebekah almost always come home for lunch! Malcolm arrives at around 12:30 and Rebekah arrives at around 2:00. Thankfully, they both get their own lunches made! Most of the time their presence doesn’t interrupt our school day unless they’ve got something exciting going on!

Usually anywhere from around 1:00-3:00 Jeremiah is done with his work and can pursue his own interests which almost always require his being on the computer, but surprisingly many of his interests are also educational and can be considered school work! It’s all in the translation!

Bethany typically peps up in the late afternoon and evening and this is the time that she prefers to do her school work, work on life skills, or go on social outings.

Then it’s dinner time and shower time for Bethany. After her shower she loves to play dice games or cards and work on crafts or therapy work sheets. Then she watches a few more videos and finally it’s bed time!

And the cycle begins all over again!

I invite you come on over for a virtual visit! All you have to do is press play, then sit back, relax, and watch! Thanks for stopping by!

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