15 Years Brain Tumor Free!

15 years brain tumor free

11/2/15- Today, Bethany has been brain tumor free for fifteen years!!

15 years brain tumor free
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For those of you who may not know it, my now 17 year old daughter, Bethany was diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumor, a Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma, to be exact, when she was just two years old!

Bethany was diagnosed on the morning of 11/1/00. A couple of hours later she was taken by ambulance to a hospital equipped to perform brain surgery.

Upon arrival at the hospital, doctors immediately installed a tube into her brain to drain the cerebral spinal fluid that was building up due to the tumor blocking its proper flow.

Bethany was literally just 24 hours away from dying from the hydrocephalus she had developed.

Early the very next morning, the 7 cm., baseball sized tumor was removed and she has been tumor free ever since, Thank the Lord!!

However, the removal of the tumor was sadly not the end of Bethany’s painful fight. During her recovery, she suffered many uncommon and excruciatingly painful complications, including a traumatic brain injury, stroke, and a cerebral hemorrhage.

These complications caused several permanent disabilities. Bethany now has moderate autistic like behaviors, debilitating epilepsy, partial blindness, right side weakness, and aggressive outbursts.
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Yet, despite all the pain and suffering, Bethany has experienced, she has managed to make quite a happy and satisfying life for herself!

She loves to meet up with her friends at the YMCA for Flash Club, a social and fitness club for children and young adults on the autism spectrum, where she enjoys taking Yoga classes, swimming, playing basketball, riding the stationary bikes, and playing games.

Bethany also enjoys bowling, going to the library, shopping, eating pizza and tacos, watching DVD’s, playing games at home with mom and dad, and visiting with her brothers, sisters, niece and nephew!

Life can be challenging at times, and that’s really quite the understatement!

But, we are so grateful that God saw fit to let us keep Bethany with us here on earth for a while!

So now we are striving and sometimes struggling to find happiness amidst life’s ordinary, everyday, precious, little moments as we embrace the challenges caused by a brain tumor, brain injury, autism, and epilepsy one day at a time with Faith, Hope, and Love!!

If you would like to know more about Bethany’s life threatening battle with a brain tumor, please click on Brain Tumor Diagnosis and visit our You Tube channel below!

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