8 Tips for Managing Medications

8 tips for managing Medications

Early on in our special needs journey, I quickly realized that keeping track of Bethany’s medications was going to be tricky!

In the very beginning it was difficult enough for me to remember giving her just one medication three times a day and at the correct times, but when she started needing multiple medications several times a day, I thought I’d have a nervous breakdown!

Special needs parents are often deluged with important medication information and keeping track of everything can be daunting!

One forgotten or overdue dose can be life threatening to those whose health is precarious and whose medications are highly addictive.

Dosage changes, increases and/or decreases and tweaks are often made as we search for optimum medication performance.

Adding keeping track of medication side effects to the mix can send us over the edge!!

It can be overwhelming!

When I finally realized that my naive dream of Bethany ever becoming seizure-free and thus medication-free would probably never come true, I knew I needed to manage her medications more efficiently if I wanted to preserve my sanity, and so I came up with the following “Medication Management” system.

My 6 Tips for Managing Medications

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1) Purchase a 3 ring binder, 3 ring whole puncher, and page protectors.

  • I found this cool website Free Printable Medical Forms and printed out the following free forms: Doctor Visit Record,  Medical History,  Emergency Contact, Medical Appointments  Medication Record,  Medication History , Medical Refill Tracker, Side Effects Tracker. .
  • Next I punched holes in all these forms, filled out what I needed to, put them in plastic pockets, then placed them in my binder, thus creating Bethany’s new Medical Records Planner!

2) Keep a list of all trade and generic names of all prescribed medications in your planner.

3) Record  names, dates and dosages of all medications, and prescribing doctors in your planner.

4) Keep a list of all possible side effects of all medications in your planner.

  • Ask your doctor about side effects.
  • Ask your pharmacist about side effects.
  • Do your own side effects research.

5) Be sure your child takes the medication exactly as prescribed.

  • Be sure that your child takes the prescribed medications at the correct times and in the correct dosages and record that information in your planner.
  • Record any special instructions such as what foods or drinks should be avoided or what activities may need to be avoided, while taking this medication.

6) Record any side effects, unusual behavior, or anything out of the ordinary that concerns you, in your planner and of course, also inform your doctor.

7) Never give any over the counter medications without checking with your doctor and pharmacist first. Mixing prescription drugs and over the counter medications can be dangerous and even life threatening

8) Purchase a pill organizer, because I know from personal experience that it’s very easy to forget whether or not you’ve given your child his or her medications!

I hope you find these tips helpful! Do you have any tips you could add to the list?

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