A Miraculous Anniversary!

November 2, 2013 marks the thirteenth year that Bethany has been cured of brain cancer! We are so thankful and grateful to our wonderful Lord for saving our sweet and precious little baby, protecting her throughout her emergency and unexpected brain surgery thirteen years ago and for keeping her cancer free for thirteen years! To learn more about Bethany’s life threatening ordeal please read Bethany’s Diagnosis!

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7 Replies to “A Miraculous Anniversary!

  1. What a happy anniversary! I can only imagine all of the feelings this day stirs up for you as you look back on this journey of loving and supporting Bethany. What an incredible mother and a huge inspiration you are!

  2. Wonderful! We are taking our daughter for another MRI on Wednesday to check on her pituitary tumor and evaluate whether or not is has grown. Prayers appreciated.

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