A New Opportunity

Many of you know that we have been searching for years for some kind of social outlet for Bethany. Every time we’ve heard about a program that at first glance seems like it just might be the perfect program for her, upon further investigation our hopes and dreams get dashed to pieces.

Something always seems to go wrong that makes it impossible for her to attend. Things beyond our control like: She’s too old, we live in the wrong district, she’s too high functioning, she’s too low functioning, they don’t take kids who might have seizures or behavior issues, it’s held on a day or time that is impossible for us to get her there, it’s cost prohibitive…well, you get the picture!

Well once again a new opportunity for Bethany to experience some socializing with her peers and perhaps even make a friend or two has presented itself.

There is a new program at the YMCA specifically developed for kids like Bethany, called Flash Club! It’s held on Sundays at 4:00 pm which is a perfect time for us, it’s only 12 miles away, she’s not too old or too young, and best of all it’s free because it’s paid for by a grant! She’ll actually get a membership to the Y and be able to use all the facilities there!

I am very excited about this new opportunity! We’ve made it past all the requirements and now we just have to show up next Sunday! Hopefully she will like it right away! We’re going to keep bringing her even if she doesn’t warm up to it immediately, though.

The first 8 week long session is all about music and movement and the next one will be basket ball, all activities that are right up her alley! So I’m pretty confident that she’ll enjoy it! Wish us luck!

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6 Replies to “A New Opportunity

  1. What a great way to start the new year!!! How fantastic that you found this program and the opportunity to get Bethany involved. Fingers and toes crossed that she enjoys Sunday!

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