At The Playground

On Sunday My husband and the kids came home from church, ate lunch then jumped back into the car to drop off Jeremiah and Rebekah at a graduation party and Rachel off at the camp where she will be working for the remainder of the summer.

When Malcolm arrived home from his journey he, Bethany, and I ate a quick dinner then left to pick up Rebekah and Jeremiah from the party on our way to visit our son, Josiah. I was a bit worried that Beth would try to get out of the car at the party and find the marshmallows and other sugary foods that might make her aggressive. Luckily the house has a very long driveway in which we we parked far away on the other side of a row of trees which kind of blocked her view of the party!

Mission successfully accomplished we then picked up Josiah got some iced coffees and other drinks then headed to the park where Bethany actually got out of the car and joined in the fun!

Sadly, our son, Josiah will be re-locating with his girlfriend to Colorado in a couple of weeks! It’s depressing and hard to think about but I want them to be happy. Neither one of them have been able to get jobs in their field (Josiah- fine art, katy- teaching) around here. They have some friends in Colorado and so they are going out to hopefully get some good jobs!

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Beth pg collage

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