Bethany’s Fifteenth Birthday

On Saturday we celebrated Bethany’s birthday. It is so hard to believe that she’s fifteen years old! Many of you know that Bethany has had a difficult, challenging, painful, and not very happy life since being diagnosed with brain cancer thirteen years ago.

My biggest wish after her being healed from cancer and being seizure free is for her to have as happy of a life as possible. Unfortunately, her unpredictable, aggressive, and sometimes violent behavior make that pretty difficult to accomplish!

I am really quite overjoyed to announce that despite a few glitches, Bethany managed to have a very happy birthday this year! In fact, this may be the first year that she ever actually got off the couch long enough to celebrate at her very own birthday party!

Please take a few minutes to enjoy our birthday collages and videos!

Party preparations
Party preparations
Bethany showing off her party dress!
Bethany showing off her party dress!
Opening presents and eating cake!
Opening presents and eating cake!
Family photos!
Family photos!

Dad reading Beth’s birthday card.

Blowing out the candles.

Bethany head banging to music and signing (not singing) “happy birthday to you!”

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14 Replies to “Bethany’s Fifteenth Birthday

  1. Happy belated birthday to Bethany. I’m here from Love That Max and I think I havent’been here before so I didn’t know about Bethany’s difficulties. I’m glad she had a good time.

  2. I am so glad she was able to have a happy birthday. I love and live with a son who struggle with feeling joy. His brain is injured as well. I know how great it is to see him enjoying himself.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I hope your son is able to experience happiness. It’s so hard on us moms when it seems like our children are unhappy. Perhaps they are happy and just can’t express it. Bethany’s behavior therapist says that sometimes our special kids need to be taught how to show their emotions.

  3. The name Bethany means House of Figs. It is an interesting meaning for a name. That is a cute dress on her and I’m glad that she had a happy birthday.

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