Book Review: What, No Sushi? By Alana Terry


I was given the awesome privilege by Alana Terry to review her book, What, No Sushi?   This is the first book in her, My solar Powered History series of historical fiction stories.

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but I can tell you this much: in her story, Alana weaves the suspense filled tale of three homeschooled boys’ historical adventure. Their father creates an amazing invention that ultimately teaches them about a little known dark part of our country’s history. In the process of learning more about American history, the boys also learn a little something about their own heritage!

I especially appreciated that Alana included a child with special needs in her story. She includes him fully in the adventure and he is treated as an equally capable member of family.

In my opinion the story is written for an audience in the second to fifth grade age range. The story moves along quickly enough to keep kids engaged without getting bored. I think they’ll find that they want to keep on reading to find out what’s going to happen next!

I believe that Alana’s series of historical fiction novels will spark an interest in its readers to dig a little deeper into the stories’ historical subjects. In fact, I can’t think of a better way to get your kids interested in history! These books would be a great little tool for strewing!

Alana Terry

To read an excerpt from her book, please click here!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (taken directly from her book)

Alana Terry loves homeschooling. She loves it so much that in addition to teaching her three boys at home, she also leads clubs and day camps for homeschoolers in her community. An eclectic homeschooler at heart, Alana enjoys the freedom of family-directed learning and also writes interdisciplinary unit studies for homeschoolers of various ages. In addition to the My Solar-Powered History series and her hands-on unit studies, Alana has published A Boy Named Silas: The First Five Years, the true story of her second son’s complicated medical history. She also writes Christian fiction and was a finalist in the Women of Faith’s writing contest for 2012.

Like Lake, Benson, and O’Malley’s mother, Alana is half-Japanese. She can’t make sushi as well as her grandmother, but she sure loves to eat it! Check out for more information about Alana’s unit studies, fiction books and award winning blogs.

*I did not receive any compensation for this review.*

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