Brain Tumor Signs and Symptoms

brain tumor signs and symptoms

January is Brain Tumor Month here at Faith, Hope, and Love and today we are discussing brain tumor signs and symptoms!

brain tumor signs and symptoms

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You may already know that by the time one of several doctors was finally able to correctly diagnose Bethany with a pilocytic astrocytoma, a brain tumor, growing in her cerebellum, she was on the brink of death.

(See Brain Tumor Diagnosis for more details.)

It’s actually pretty scary to think about, but we had no idea that Bethany was as deathly ill as she really was.

The problem was that the only visible symptoms Bethany’s had at first were vomiting and headache.

These two symptoms are so similar  to that of numerous other non-life threatening illnesses that when we first took Bethany to the emergency room, the doctor there mistakenly diagnosed her with a mild case of the West Nile Virus.

We were instructed by that doctor to let her “virus” run it’s course for about 2 weeks.

If we had actually waited that long to get another another opinion, Bethany would have died.

I still, to this day,  panic when I think about that!

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The signs and symptoms of brain tumors can vary and depends on the tumor’s size, type, and area of the brain in which it is located.

However, below are a few of the most common signs that a person may have a brain tumor.

Brain Tumor Signs and Symptoms

  • Headaches (usually worse in the morning)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Changes in speech, vision, or hearing
  • Problems balancing or walking
  • Changes in mood, personality, or ability to concentrate
  • Problems with memory
  • Muscle jerking or twitching (seizures or convulsions)
  • Numbness or tingling in the arms or legs

I know from experience that sometimes brain tumors can be tricky to diagnose.

I’m also a firm believer in that that old saying, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with erring on the side of caution to rule out a brain tumor.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the symptoms above, I urge you to please discuss them with a doctor.

I implore you to be safe, not sorry!

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