Doctor Visits, Road Trips, and Carousels

Bethany has endured much illness and suffering.  When we have unpleasant appointments to attend we try to make the day as much fun as possible as well. This time  we combined her doctor visit with road trips, and carousels! 

While in Albany  for Beth’s Neurology visit, we couldn’t convince her to ride on the carousel at the NYS Museum even though she loves,loves, loves riding on them and had been looking forward to it for days! This was very disappointing for us as she hasn’t had many things in her life that she has been able look forward to. We so desperately want her to have a fun, fulfilled, and happy life!

You can read more about that trip here!

Highlights of our trip to Albany.
Highlights of our trip to Albany.

However, Bethany and I decided to go along for the rainy  ride on Saturday evening to bring Rachel to help her friend get ready for her Memorial Day wedding in Syracuse. We thought we’d play it by ear and if Beth seemed like she would be in a happy, cooperative, and obedient mood we might dare to take her into the Destiny USA mall and let her ride the carousel there! As you can see by the pictures our plan was a success! She had a wonderful time riding the carousel seven times! While the operator took a dinner break we did too, but Bethany was obsessed with the video game place and kept making a break for the “Dance, Dance Revolution” game!

syracuse collage


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    1. Is that what they call it?! I’ve lived 2 hours form Albany for almost 30 years and didn’t know that! I think it’s weird that there’s an office building that was built over the highway!

  1. I don’t think I have visited your blog before!! It looks like a blessing over here!! It sounds you had a wonderful Memorial Day. We went to a picnic and I stayed up all night cooking for it. I didn’t notice the lack of sleep for a couple days 🙂

    Thanks for linking up and sharing this post over at WholeHearted Home.

  2. I’m so glad Beth enjoyed the carousel. I hope you had a wonderful time at the Farmer’s Musuem. I used to visit there when I was a kid. The carousel they have there now is very intricate and fun to look at all the animals. I stopped over from Mama Moments Mondays.

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