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My favorite movie of all time is the original 1968  version of, Yours, Mine , and Ours, starring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda.


This version is soooo much better than the 2005 version.  I saw the original version when I was nine years old.  My parents dropped me and my girlfriend off at the movie theater for the Saturday afternoon matinee.  Yes, believe it or not it was actually safe to do so back then.  Every parent did it!  The theater was filled with all kids and no parents!

The movie theater used to have contests for the kids before they showed the  movies.  If you had the winning ticket you got a prize!  One time I actually had the winning ticket number 2 and won a poker set!   I had no idea what a poker set was at that time but I was thrilled with my prize anyway!

This movie was based on the true story about widower with ten kids who married a widow with eight kids!  I fell in love with this movie!  It was the inspiration for my wanting to have a lot of kids someday.  (Some of you may not know that I did actually grow up to have nine of my own.)

Even before I had ever seen this movie I always wished that I had more brothers and sisters just like my neighbors who had ten kids.  There was always someone to hang out with and there was always some kind of commotion going on at their house!  At the time of this movie I only had one  sister who was five years older than me. My brother wasn’t born until I was eleven.  It was always quiet, lonely, and boring at my house.  I wanted my kids to have lots of brothers and sisters to play with!

You can be sure that as soon as I realized that this movie was out on video cassette I got it and then I got the DVD version too.  Now all my kids love this movie also, but I don’t think it has inspired them in quite the same way as it did me!   If  I’m wrong though, I might end up having  eighty one grandchildren!

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  1. Oh I love Yours Mine and Ours and seriously watched this movie again for the first time with my mom. See this movie came out when my mom was a teenager and she always loved it and shared her love of course with me, too. I truly love how this one inspired you though to have 9 children of your own. Thank you so very much for sharing and linking this up with us. Definitely did put a smile on my face for sure tonight!! 🙂

  2. Oh don’t remind me. I remember feeling lonely and my brother was born when I was seven. I daydreamed about having five kids, but I only have one and he’s going to be it. Oh well. Anyhoooo, you also made me flash back to original movies that were better that the remake. Remember Parent Trap?

  3. I’m thinking that this is one movie you and your husband can watch and say “Hey they had it so much easier than us!”. Oh and if you have 81 grandchildren I am sending Allie over. I am sure you won’t notice one more

  4. I have the worst memory when it comes to movies, but I don’t think I’ve seen this one at all. Now I want to watch it with the husband and see if it changes his feelings on stopping at two children 😉

  5. Huh. I’ve never seen this movie. I love that you say it was an inspiration to have a lot of kids! That’s really cool. I think I’ve told you before but I’d love to have a bunch of kids. It’s looking like I started a bit late though so I’ll continue to feel blessed for my one little dude! Happy Saturday!!

    1. One little dude is okay too! And your one little dude is blessed to have a wonderful mom like you! I hope I haven’t given anyone the wrong impression that I think birth control is wrong as some Christian homeschooling moms do! We had a lot of kids because we really love kids, not because of a religious belief!

  6. Love that movie! Although the number of them scared me a wee bit, it was cool to see brothers and sisters having fun like that. Did you ever see With Six You Get Egg Roll? That’s another one of my favorite blended family movies. And Brian Keith – yummy!

    1. I’ve heard of that movie, but haven’t seen it. Does it have Doris Day in it? Now that I think of it there’s also Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, with Doris Day as the mother of 4 boys. It’s pretty funny and a bit weird. They keep their baby in a cage like contraption so he won’t wander! Child abuse is what it was I say! Thanks for stopping by for a visit, Melissa!

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