Friendship Friday 10/18/13

Welcome to Friendship Friday where we share our “G” rated, family friendly blog posts!
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This week Rachel and “The Boy” were home from college from Friday until Tuesday. It was a nice treat for Bethany to have her big sister home for her fifteenth birthday party. Bethany actually had a great time, so we all were able to enjoy ourselves immensely despite my making the horrendous mistake of washing her favorite shirt! Bethany even agreed to wear the purple dress that she had asked me to buy for her last summer but then would never wear it.
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Jeremiah and I had fun driving out to Rachel’s college to pick her up! It was a fun and rare one on one time for me and Jerry. Of course, I ended up spending more money on little treats at the Five Below store and delicious frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog than I would have if he had stayed home!

Jerry was very excited to choose a few little fish to take home from the pet store as part of his Oceanography studies! The fish he chose were 15 cent feeder fish, so he did his good deed for the day by saving their little lives from being eaten up by other creatures! Tearing Jeremiah away from his computer is a difficult thing to do and I am so glad that he decided to go with me!


On Sunday we picked up the boy and packed the kids up for a trip to Wolf Mountain Nature Center! We did not take Bethany with us on this outing. I did feel guilty about leaving her home even though she loves spending time with her respite worker, Mary. I am so very glad that we did leave her home however, because the weather was damp and chilly, it was very crowded, the terrain was very rough, bumpy, uneven, and mostly uphill which would have greatly challenged her balance and stamina, and there were absolutely no places for sitting down to rest. All of the above would have been the perfect recipe to push her over the delicate line into a major meltdown which would have ruined the outing for everyone. (But I still felt guilty!)
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Dad and Beth playing Peek a boo with me!
Dad and Beth playing Peek a boo with me!

There’s only three more days to enter my special needs homeschooling book GiveAway!

Well, now it’s your turn! What did you do this week?
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    1. Thanks Phyllis! I’ll bet your trip to the aquarium was awesome! A few years ago we went to the Chattanooga Aquarium and were in awe. It was beautiful and fascinating!

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