Friendship Friday 10/4/13 Seizure Free One Year!

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We have a miraculous and exciting anniversary to celebrate today!
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This week we spent some time at the hospital lab getting Bethany’s blood drawn. Surprisingly and thankfully, Bethany has always been good about it. This is one procedure that she seems to like! Weird but true fact!

Rebekah has been busy baby sitting her little cutie and enjoying planning and choosing her first courses for her first semester of college beginning in January.

Jeremiah and I have been studying the Bible’s book of Joshua, Oceanography, Ancient Egypt, Greek and Latin words, Saxon math, poetry, Art History/ Apprecitiation, and Squilt Music!

Bethany has not been feeling well this week, probably due to a new seizure medication she began taking to counteract the one that made her gain 50 pounds! It has decreased her appetite, but perhaps a bit too much! She’s hardly eating anything at all now! Neither has she been drinking enough liquids which is dangerous because the medication can cause kidney stones if not enough water is consumed. I also think it’s making her already short aggression fuse even shorter! So annoying!

About ten times last night she kept getting up to use the toilet, then coming back and announcing that she was still waiting for the pee pee to come out. Naturally, I assumed the worst and began worrying that she was developing a kidney stone or blockage of some kind.

I debated and prayed about whether I should wake up Malcolm and take her to the emergency room just in case, but after prayer I reasoned that she would be much more uncomfortable, in pain even if she was really experiencing kidney issues. Of course, I tried asking her several times if she had a tummy ache, but she kept telling me to “stop saying that!” It’s so hard to know how she really feels because she doesn’t have the language to tell us if she doesn’t feel well nor does she feel pain the way most people do.

Soooo….I hyperventilated and had panic attacks all night checking her breathing every five minutes to make sure that she was still alive! I figured that since she was sleeping soundly and snoring away that she was comfortable enough. If she hadn’t peed by morning, I planned to take her to the walk-in clinic to get her bladder checked.

Praise the Lord she did pee this morning and several times all day! Crisis over! We still need to somehow make her drink more though, or we’ll be forced to discontinue this medication!

We are looking forward to having my sister, our sons’ Nate and Jim and Jim’s wife, Jasmine up for the weekend. We’re hoping to have a bonfire on Saturday night!
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Well how about you! Now it’s your turn to tell us all about what your week was like?

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20 Replies to “Friendship Friday 10/4/13 Seizure Free One Year!

  1. Oh, I almost forgot CONGRATULATIONS on the one year seizure-free. We just took our Sam off his medication and he seems to be not having any seizures, Our daughter is now 5 years seizure free on her medication, but she is scared to go off them. I can’t blame her, because I am, too. 🙂

  2. Such good news about a year seizure-free. I really feel for you with the tough, anxious night on the new meds. Sending love and prayers you manage to get Bethany drinking enough to be able to relax on the new regime.
    Have a lovely weekend all of you! Lucinda

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