Friendship Friday: 1/10/14

Welcome back to Friendship Friday! Please feel free to add your family friendly blog posts to our link up! There are no rules as to what type of content you have to share with us. Anything goes…well, anything “G” rated that is! You can post your weekly homeschool wrapup, a recipe, a spiritual insight, a thanksgiving post, what life is like with your special needs child, a pet peeve or even a gripe! Please share with us whatever is on your mind, because my inquiring mind wants to know!

I has been incredibly cold here at my house this week! On Tuesday morning it was -8 when we emerged from our cozy cocoons and it never got warmer than 0 all day!

It has been hard getting Jeremiah motivated to “hit the books” after our two week long Holiday break. I’m kind of easing him back into it gradually. We began with a short introduction to the Algebra Tiles that I purchased for him with the gift certificate to Alison’s Montessori Store that I won from Deb’s Givewaway at Living Montessori Now.
alg tile collage

We also did a little science. We studied cell mitosis and asexual reproduction to be exact! We read a chapter in a Life Science text book. Then I had him watch amoeba’s split, yeast cells bud, planaria regenerate and spores do their thing on You Tube! We also began studying the concepts and skills needed for interpreting and understanding nonfiction literature this week.

I introduced Bethany to her Montessori Addition Strip Board which I also purchased with my gift certificate! I’ll have a more detailed post about that on Monday!

strip board collage
Bethany’s behavior has been a bit pushy this week. She kicked me a couple of times and threw her marble and her clicker when she was told that she needed to take a shower. We had a similar incident when her Dad’s iPad battery was drained. She loves to scroll through his photos and just did not want to wait for it to re-charge! I should add here that she did manage to pull herself together and cooperate non violently after she took some time to process the transition. Or should I say after she ran into the bedroom, threw herself on the bed, and lay there with the blanket over her face for fifteen minutes! Oh well, whatever it takes!

On Wednesday I took Bethany to an art therapy session at Catholic Charities. We were only there about 15 minutes, yet even though it was a short session I count it a successful mission accomplished! It really was touch and go as to whether she would cooperate and even get out of the car! But she did without a problem! After spilling some paint on her pants she finished a few brushstrokes and then pronounced that it was time to go! She didn’t even flip out that I hadn’t brought a change of pants for her. (What was I thinking?)
art therapy collage

Beth’s Consolidated Supports and Services budget is done and her plan is going for review and hopefully approval within the next two weeks! I’m very excited about all the possibilities and opportunities that having her plan in place will open up for her.

We are very excited about taking her to her very first ever Flash Club social skills meeting on Sunday! I promise a full report on that experience next week!

Rebekah’s eighteenth birthday is on Sunday! I now officially have seven adult children! Her nanny job has started back up again and she’ll be beginning her first semester of college online next week!

Rachel is off to a good start financially for her summer trip to teach English in China. Sadly, she’ll be headed back to college next week for the last semester of her junior year! Where has the time gone!

Nathanael has started in internship job with a security firm and his last semester of college…ever! The world will be his oyster very soon!

And lastly, Happy Birthday to Me! Yes, today is my birthday. I have no idea how I ever got be 55 years old! Life really is but a vapor!

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I hope you all have had a great week! Now it’s your turn to share what you’ve been up to!

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22 Replies to “Friendship Friday: 1/10/14

  1. I love that you are liking the Montessori items you won! Happy Birthday to Rebekah. I love that she is a Nanny and that Rachel is going to China!! How exciting. I didn’t realize you had 7 adult children! Thank you for hosting the link up Sylvia!!!

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you have a brain injured child too. I hope you’ll become a regular around here. I’m sure you have a lot of wisdom to share!

  2. Happy birthday to YOU. It’s so easy to get caught up in our kids’ needs and just forget to celebrate so I’m so glad that you gave yourself a birthday shout out here! Also wow, and awesome that Bethany didn’t freak out about art or her pants (OMG Tucker freaks out about all of that stuff so often). I really admire your dedication. I mean I know we all do whatever we can for our kids, but it’s hard and I do admire how much you try to anticipate the moments in going out, to classes, interacting and all of that. Hugs to you and again, happy birthday!!!

  3. I think I’d throw marbles too if it was -8 outside. That is so cold! I’m all whiny with our cold weather in the pacific northwest and we don’t come close to 0 normally. We had a lot of meltdowns too. ‘

    Hope you have a good week! Ya know…birthdays last a week! 😉

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