Friendship Friday 11/1/13

Welcome once again to Friendship Friday! Is it just me or do the Fridays seem to be running right into each other? I appreciate each and everyone of you and look forward to catching up with you all! I also pray for you all, too! Please link up and share whatever is on your heart today!

Nothing much has been going on around here! An uneventful week for us is a great week! Bethany is behaving like a dream, and even though we did have a couple of throwing the marble incidents, we have been thrilled that she actually seems happy and for that we are very, very thankful.

Tomorrow marks our most miraculous anniversary ever! Tomorrow it will be thirteen years that Bethany has been free from brain cancer! If you want to you can read more about Bethany’s Diagnosis!

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Bethany has been watching the same Barney videos, now replaced with DVD’s for fifteen years! It has taken her all this time to learn most of the words to some of the songs and it’s so cute to see and hear her sing along with them! She has even learned how to click her DVD’s back to their menus to start them all over again at the beginning again!

Bethany singing, I Love You.

Bethany singing a Christmas song.

FF collage with cat

Bethany’s lessons this week have basically been working on life skills- specifically learning to take a shower independently. Her behavior therapist and I have broken down the steps of taking a shower into very detailed micro steps. Then we put together a picture instruction book of the first few steps. We go over it when it’s shower time! So far she’s doing well with step one: getting her own towels out of the closet. Our other steps so far are, getting two wash cloths, putting the bath mat or a towel on the floor, putting her shower chair in the shower, turning on the water, and testing the water temperature! Who would of thought that there were so many steps to taking a shower! And that’s not all! We still have all the washing up steps to add to our book after she masters these first few steps!

I have always prayed with Bethany and privately for her, but lately I have purposed to pray very specifically in her presence for her physical and emotional needs to be met and healed. I want her to know what I’m praying for her. I’ve been doing this with Jeremiah also, every day before we start our school work.

In Jeremiah’s ever present attempts to not write anything down on paper, he has become astonishingly good at mental math! He can do all kinds of math and critical thinking problems in his head. It amazes me because I have to read everything at least twice and write all the details down on paper in order to visualize and analyze each problem. He is usually done long before I am! He is definitely not so much of visual learner as the rest of us! In fact, his favorite way to learn is for me to read to him.

Now it’s your turn! I’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to share the love!

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  1. Last night I was reminded yet again how powerful prayer is. After a visit to the shrink (I can’t spell the real name) who brought light that Lilly might be having anxiety thanks to coming off an seizure drug (that sedated her brain.) I took another route to putting her back to bed after waking up during the night. I prayed with her (she’s non verbal) over anxiety, run away thoughts, negative thoughts, her brain constantly working and for healing. It was the easiest to put her back to sleep in months!

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