Friendship Friday 11/15/13

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bathroom collage 1

Because the floor of the shower in our downstairs bathroom, which is really our main bathroom and the one in which we take care of all Bethany’s bathroom needs was cracked in several places, we obviously knew that we needed to replace it sooner rather than later. We also knew that because of the cracks that there would be some water damage to the floor underneath it. We were not prepared for just how much damage there actually was, though until my husband ripped the old shower out. What we were hoping would be a quick Long Veterans Day weekend job has turned into somewhat of a nightmare!

It turned out that the whole floor underneath the shower was totally rotten! It is quite literally possible that only by the Grace of God has the shower not fallen right through that rotten floor and into the basement! Well, it just so happens that my husband was a carpenter in another life so he was able construct and replace the old floor with a much sturdier design.

After finally getting the new plumbing set up and installing two walls of the shower, on Wednesday night he was ready to install the last wall and connect the plumbing. As he was measuring out where to cut the holes, I noticed that the bottom corner of the wall was damaged. Sooooo, he had to exchange the damaged shower wall on Thursday (which is when I wrote this post) during his lunch hour. Hopefully, by the time you read this post, we will have taken showers in our brand new shower!

Next will come the sink installation, sheetrock put up, and decorating the room! The toilet was already re-installed first thing because Bethany just couldn’t handle having to traipse upstairs every time she had to pee! And frankly, I haven’t felt comfortable with her going up and down stairs since she had a seizure at the top of them a few years ago and fell all the way to the bottom! Thankfully, the only injuries she sustained were a few bumps and bruises.

I do plan on publishing a more detailed post of our bathroom renovation with more pictures in the very near future, so check back later if you’re interested in seeing it!

animal word collage

Bethany was very interested in spelling animal names this week. It was very exciting for us! You can read more about that at A Renewed Interest in Learning if you haven’t already!

wm shop duo

We are all so thankful and thrilled that Bethany has been so happy and cooperative that she has been able to resume her enjoyment of shopping again!

Jeremiah decided to skateboard while he was waiting until he could get on the computer and Bethany got in on the act too!
skate bd trio

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12 Replies to “Friendship Friday 11/15/13

  1. Joining up with y’all this week! Also, I know how construction projects can go, there’s always some added cost or something else to make it take longer. And I would love to guest post for you sometime… if you’d like me to

  2. How blessed you are to have a handy husband that can take care of carpentry and plumbing work! That’s great! I love how your two little ones play together so well, too. You can definitely see the love. I will link you with you this week, too. =)

  3. Sylvia, “Better late than never”? So happy to see the happy photos of your week, and congrats on the new bathroom! Have a great weekend! And thanks for hostessing Friendship Friday and letting be join in a day late. betty jo

  4. Oh my! What a week for you. How stressful to have the bathroom thing going on. Yes, it is definitely a God thing that it didn’t fall through to the basement. I hope Bethany is doing okay with the bathroom all messed up. In the future I wonder how much it would be to rent a commode for a few days and put it in her room. Good job holding it together with that chaos! We will be doing our own bathroom remodel this year…I’m afraid we will have floor damage too. But, I’m putting it off until the floor falls through 😉 just joking!

    1. The bathroom is still not quite done, but at least we can use the shower and toilet now! I don’t envy you the bathroom re-do, but it will be worth it when it’s all over!

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