Friendship Friday: 12/20/13

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Today finds us making the all to familiar three hour trip to Albany for Bethany’s neurology appointment. I am very thankful that she has been behaving and in good mood most of the time for that past few weeks for this gives me hope that the day will be a happy one. We also plan to stop at our nearest Trader Joes to stock up on Christmas goodies/ (Yes, unfortunately our nearest one is about three hours away!)

This week we have been baking a lot- chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal scotchies, white chocolate chip blondies, and vanilla bark with pistachios and craisins! We have decided to forgo our traditional Christmas dinner and go with Greek foods and vegetarian sushi! We’re all kind of tired of Turkey and stuffing.

Jeremiah has been busy learning about the scientific method and cells. He completed his poetry book and has declared that he can’t stand his Detectives in Togas reading book! He does seem to be enjoying learning about Ancient Greece, though.  He actually asked if he could  study Greek Mythology next.  This leads me to believe that he might like it and  find it interesting!

Now if I could just get him to write. I know some would say I should just make him write. However being a unschooler at heart, it’s kind of hard for me to insist on it.  Crazy as it sounds, I almost have to discipline myself to require it of him!  He is going to be twelve in February. It’s time!!! On a more fun note…Jerry also worked on making some origami Christmas ornaments this week!
origami collage
Bethany is continuing to work on her independence skills, particularly in the shower. Having spent nearly twelve years of her life physically dependent on others for the most basic of tasks including even going to the toilet alone (because of her severe seizure disorder), has made me very apprehensive about letting her be completely on her own in the bathroom. Even though she miraculously hasn’t had a seizure in 14 months, it is still a very real possibility that a seizure could strike at any time. This makes it impossible (in my opinion) for her to ever take a bath or shower, or go out in public totally on her own.

Bethany has also been enjoying cut and paste math activities, dot painting Christmas trees, and stringing the beads from the set that her behavior therapist gave her for Christmas. We are moving right along with her CSS plan which I’m hoping will be in place shortly. I am looking forward to her beginning art therapy at Catholic Charities in January and we are looking into finding a music therapy program for her too.
bead collage
math collage
Bethany had a present ready to give to Mary, her respite worker and then proceeded to open it for her and eat some of the goodies in it!
m b
Our weather lately.
snow collage

In case you missed it…A Dangerous Medication Glitch and a Whirlwind Weekend.

If we don’t connect before Wednesday for all you Christmas celebrators please do have a Merry little Christmas Day! A healthy and safe one too!

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11 Replies to “Friendship Friday: 12/20/13

  1. I am surprised that Jeremiah didn’t like Detectives in Togas since my kids all loved it. I know what you mean about the unschooling and writing. You might start with writing down his oral narrations on what he has learned and then having him copy it, then have him write down his own narrations…
    I understand about the independence skills and seizures. She seems like she had a good week. I am praying that the trip to Albany works out well.

  2. I think Jeremiah will really enjoy Greek mythology. It was one of my favorite things to study. 🙂 I think it’s great that you give him the freedom to pursue his own interests. I don’t know about him but I really learned so much more when I was homeschooling and my mother let me pretty much be my own teacher.

    I love Bethany’s bead kit, that looks like a lot of fun. Her bracelet is really pretty! I used to love making jewelry as a teen but when I got pregnant I put away everything because I was worried my daughter would choke. I haven’t been able to find it since… Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  3. I am glad you got you medicine in time. I understand how critical that can be.

    I like the origami. My wife makes these tiny cranes that she call paper mosquitoes. My marriage proposal to her was going to be 1000 paper cranes. I was at about 800 and things just happen naturally. I still finished the remaining 200 as special decorations for our reception.

  4. Hi Sylvia — I’m off to read about the medication glitch — I remember seeing that status update on FB and I want to know how that all turned out!

    Did you know in a former life I was a music therapist. It turns out I found a job as a music educator in elementary schools and stuck with that, but my heart is with music therapy. My daughter is claiming she would love to be a music therapist in a children’s hospital. I hope you find a good program for Bethany – it makes such HUGE difference.

    Merry Christmas, Syliva. It has been my great joy to get to know you and your family this year!

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