Friendship Friday: Birthdays and More Bowling

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Welcome to Friendship Friday! Please feel free to share what’s on your G rated mind! I love hearing all about you and learning from you!

Other than Jeremiah’s Twelfth Birthday, it’s been a pretty quiet week here at our house and nothing much new has happened.

My sweet, little man, Jeremiah, the last little Phillips is now twelve years old! If you’d like to get to know Jeremiah better you can click on Meet My Family and scroll down to the bottom of the page. While you’re there you can meet all my other kids as well!
jerry Collage

Jeremiah was born on President’s Day. Since we generally follow our school district’s calender and they always takes President’s Day week off, Jerry always gets a week off for his birthday. He sure doesn’t complain about that!
J bday collage

After much anxiety producing behavior, Bethany did actually make it to bowling again this week. She had been talking about how much she liked bowling and how fun it was all week long!

She was excited and looking forward to going again until it was actually time to go that is! She knows she needs to get ready when the clock strikes five, but for some reason she never heard it chime so she refused to believe me that it was five o’clock and thus refused to get ready to go.

It is beyond my comprehension why she’s so bound and determined to sabotage her own fun. I so desperately want her to have a fun and meaningful life! When she behaves like this it just kills me!  It breaks my heart to think of her missing out on a fun social opportunity.

We have let the natural consequences of this behavior play out on a few occasions, causing her to miss the planned activity but the lesson doesn’t seem to stick. She just doesn’t get it that the world doesn’t revolve around her and that the activity isn’t going to wait for her to get her act together!

This time since Rebekah was home and available to babysit and I needed to go shopping anyway,  I put on my coat and boots and told her I was going bowling.  If she wanted to go then she was going to have to get ready right then and there! Well guess what? She did!

We picked up Dad at work and then  proceeded to make our way to the bowling alley. When we pulled into the parking lot, for some odd reason she didn’t believe us that we were there. She gave us a hard time getting out of the car, but once she finally made it inside she was very happy to be there.  She put on her bowling shoes and got down to business. This time she got a strike! It was very exciting for everyone. Several other players cheered for her! It was really very sweet. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the strike on video!

Bethany met another new friend this week, a young woman whose name was Janet. Janet had on a shirt with a picture of a cat sitting in a bowling ball bag and was very keen on showing Bethany that the cat was pretending to be a bowling ball. Bethany then proceeded to tickle her and the friendship was a go! It just melts my heart that Bethany is developing real friendships. I’m hoping that I can too!


We’ve been playing a lot of modified Stare Junior. We allow Bethany to look at the card to find the answer to the questions. We’ve also been playing Jeremiah’s birthday game Cheater!

Bethany has also been learning about Community Helpers and different jobs.
PicMonkey Collage

Beth has been working on her Kindergarten math and reading skills at K5 Learning, a fun online site for kids in grades K-5 to sharpen their reading and math skills!

We made Bethany this visual grocery list with the intention that it might keep her focused on something other than racing aimlessly through the store when we go shopping. It didn’t work this week!G list

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6 Replies to “Friendship Friday: Birthdays and More Bowling

  1. My computer is being highly disagreeable and not letting me watch the videos of Bethany at the moment. I will have to watch later. I’ve linked you to a post I’ve been thinking about lately, and there is definitely future posts about this topic to come…

  2. I do like the collages of Jeremiah. (Happy Birthday (week)!)

    And I love your story of how Bethany made friends with Janet. So sweet. You are such a kind and patient mum – and very creative at managing to ensure everyone has a rich and full life!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I have a child who routinely sabotages her own fun. It is hard to figure out what is going on in the brains of these special kids. I am glad it all worked out this time.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. I am glad that Jeremiah had a great birthday. They just grow up so fast. I am happy that Bethany had fun at bowling and that she made a new friend!! What a lovely story. I so admire your patience Sylvia. Thank you as always for the link up. 🙂

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