Friendship Friday: Last Bits of Summer

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end of summer collage

We are trying to enjoy the few remaining days of summer. Here in upstate NY the summer is a bit too short for me. It is already getting very cool at night. The song birds have gone south and some of the leaves are already turning yellow. *Sigh* This has always been a depressing time of year for me. And this year is proving to be no exception. I’m trying to stay positive, upbeat, and hopeful!

The girls are trying to spend as much time with their friends as possible before everyone goes back to college this coming Sunday! They have been cooking, hanging out, going to Walmart and going out for Chinese food. Rebekah also got her nose pierced last Monday.

Jeremiah has been at camp all week. I pick him up today at 5:30. I hope he had a good time!

Bethany has decided that she’s had enough beach for the year. She still asks to go to her favorite merry-go-round just about every day. We’ll be able to take her this Sunday, (probably for the last time before it closes for the season), when we take Rachel back to school. She has a pre-procedure doctor’s appointment this week and I would love your prayers that she behaves and cooperates for it and for her MRI on the 28th. I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record on the subject but I really, really so want and need there to be no drama, chaos, or violence this time!

The Mario and Luigi slippers are Rachel’s!

The black and white painting of the girl was done by my oldest son, Jim. He copied an actual statue at the Met! I don’t know where all my artistic and creative children came from! Certainly not from me!

Please all enjoy the remainder of your summer! Stay safe and healthy too!
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7 Replies to “Friendship Friday: Last Bits of Summer

  1. We will pray for Bethany and you that all the various doctor visits and procedures go smoothly. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to deal with. As much as Amber hates going to all the doctor’s appointments, she is very cooperative and yet it is still stressful for us.

    Great pictures of everyone and I hope the new school year is good for all the girls.

  2. Sylvia, I loved your weeks photos! I’m glad to see you had a nice week. We did, too. Thanks for hostessing another Friendship Friday, and for keeping the link up open for Saturday! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. betty jo

  3. Wow, your son is very talented! It’s already cooling down here, too and I feel like I missed out on summer with my little boy. So hard. You have my huge prayers and thoughts and wishes for peace for Bethany’s next MRI. Poor kid, I don’t blame her for not wanting to go…and mama, you having to deal with the drama and all. May you find it in you to give strength and love and that the ughs of it all will be minimal.

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