Friendship Friday: A New Car!

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Our week has been a good one despite most of us having runny, stuffy noses. Jeremiah had a slight fever one day but he got over it on his own. Jerry has been and will continue taking practice tests up until I order and receive his “end of year” test in the mail. He is just bout done with science and history now. As soon as he’s done studying the human body and the Renaissance and Reformation, school will be over with! I am so happy about that! Every year for the past 30 years, by April I am feeling very done with homeschooling!

I always feel bad for Bethany when she gets runny noses because she can’t take most over the counter medications to relieve her symptoms. They either can make her have seizures or react with her seizure meds, magnifying their side effects.

I have learned the hard way that the one medication which she is allowed to take, Benadryl makes her super hyper and violent. Since she hasn’t yet learned how to blow her nose life gets pretty messy when Bethany has a a drippy nose! I can give her ibuprofen if she has a headache though. Even so, this cold didn’t really make her feel too bad, thank the Lord!

Bethany made it to Flash Club without mom and dad this week! Without the distraction of being mesmerized by Korean boy bands, she very happily hopped into her aide, A’s car and drove away without even a backwards glance!! A even got her out of the car to pay for her pizza afterwards! That’s quite the accomplishment! The only drawback to my not going is that I have no pictures of the monumental event!

It’s very weird, but Bethany can be soooo crabby at home all day, then when she starts bowling on Wednesdays her whole demeanor changes. She becomes and remains thoroughly thrilled, happy, and pleasant for the whole hour. Unfortunately, when the game is over the grumpiness returns! May be we should build her, her own personal bowling alley! At any rate she loves hanging out with her new friends, bowling, and the pink bowling ball so much we just might get her her own bowling ball!

We have other exciting news this week too! Rebekah has bought her very first car! It’s a beautiful, red 1999 Pontiac Sunfire! Having your kids driving is a blessing and a curse! It’s convenient to have another driver in the family, but now I have something new to worry about! Rebekah and her boyfriend are making plans and taking steps to work at the same summer camp this year.


Rachel will be heading off to China for the summer. She has decided to stay home for the first semester of her LAST year of college. She can save money and relax a little, taking her fall semester at home online, then heading back to campus for her very last semester of college! The time has really flown right by for me, but she has been feeling homesick and a little burnt out this year!

Our son, Nathanael just completed his internship which was his last requirement before graduation and has been scheduling job interviews. His first one is on Monday. I’d love prayers that every little detail will fall into place so that he can get this job. We are so proud of him!

Life is changing for our family. They are good changes, kids growing up and moving on. I want my kids to mature and start living their own lives. It’s the natural progression of things, but it’s also a bittersweet time for me. When they were all little it seemed like I would have them with me forever, but let me tell you that time just flew right by! Enjoy and savor each and every minute you have with your precious children!

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6 Replies to “Friendship Friday: A New Car!

  1. I am sorry Bethany is sick; Kyle has been sick all week (I mentioned it in the post I shared today) and has the same issues as Bethany. He also can’t blow his nose and so it makes it a little difficult. I hope they all feel better to enjoy the weekend!

  2. I admire at how independent and self-sufficient your children are! You have been a wonderful momma. I know it is bitter-sweet, but it is also a time of rewards for all the hard work you have done. I think it is incredible that Bethany is so comfortable now with her activities. I remember when this was so hard for her, but you persevered, and look at the benefits you have reaped. I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know you and your family and to learn from you.

  3. I’m happy that Bethany was able to attend Flash Club this week without mom or dad. What an accomplishment for everyone. The reminders of how kids are growing up keep hitting me and it makes the time we have left seem so short. In just a few years Amber will be driving too and I’m terrified of that day!

  4. It is so hard for our children with extra challenges getting a common flu, I hope Bethany is feeling better soon.

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