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Introducing our new and improved Friendship Friday! Now you can include a picture with your link!

Now’s your chance to tell us all about yourself and what you’ve been up to! Thanks so much for visiting! I love meeting new people and keeping in touch with old friends!
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This week’s featured blog is Angelicscalliwags!

The Angeligscalliwags are a beautiful homeschooling family of seven who reside together in a crooked little cottage in a picturesque English village.

The incredible mom of this sweet clan is never at a loss for coming up with and orchestrating the most exciting learning experiences and magnificent activities for her adorable bunch of kids! I honestly have no idea how she has so much energy to pull off the most amazing projects! Just take a look at their Little House on the Prairie Summer and more recently their Medieval banquet!

Please take a minute to hop on over to visit the Angelicscalliwags, you just might learn something amamzing!

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Not much has been going on over at my house, other than making the decision to seriously get our house spruced up to sell. Our neighbor, the farmer has expressed an interest in buying our property, so as long as he can give us what we want for it, our house is a good as sold! Of course, nothing is a done deal until it’s a done deal!

Anyway… we have been wanting to move closer to a nearby college town that has many more resources and workers available for Bethany and more social opportunities for Jeremiah! Click on House Hunting to take a look at what we’ve been thinking about and looking into so far!

I think I have jumped the gun a little by starting to look at houses and have had to force myself to stop looking online at potential properties because every time I see something I like, I panic that it will get sold before we have the money to buy it!

More on the blog this week:
1) You can click the link to see my Five Favorite Books for Teaching Special Kids!

2) You can see what I was thankful for this week at Thankful Thursday.

3) And lastly, you can go to A Different Dream to see my list of 12 Summer Activities for Kids With Special Needs!
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What’s been going on With the Kids
Jeremiah is pretty much done with all his schoolwork for the year! We are not all year round homeschoolers. I need that summer break!

Last week I reported that I thought he was lacking in his reading comprehension. Well, apparently I was wrong! As you can see by his test scores, I really had nothing to be worried about!
test coll

The girls have been including Jerry in some of their activities.
The girls have been including Jerry in some of their activities.

Rachel's birthday dinner and trying Saki for the first time!
Rachel’s birthday dinner and trying Saki for the first time!

Rebekah's first semester of college grades!
Rebekah’s first semester of college grades!

Bethany continues to work hard on her community safety skills with her aide and self help skills around the house. Currently, I am showing her how to soap up her wash cloth and scrub her own tummy. I’m using the hand over hand method.

Yes, we are at this very basic first step at almost 16 years old! I feel like we have a lot of catching up to do in helping her to develop some independence. Having so many seizures for so long pretty much forced me to do too much for Bethany. I would try to get through showering (and anything else) so fast before another seizure came that I just did everything for her! Unfortunately for me, this has led to her to believe she is helpless.

Another useful skill that Bethany is working is how to turn her shirts right side out after she takes them off. She has already perfected turning her pants right side out. This is a major accomplishment and help to me because she changes her clothes about 50 times a day- no exaggeration- and my help was needed every time! It gets really annoying after awhile!

You all know how much Bethany likes bowling by now…well take a look at her current favorite iPad app!
pocket bowling

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11 Replies to “Friendship Friday: The New and Improved Version!

  1. Thank you so much for the mention, it just made my day!!
    It seems like you have much to be proud about with regards to marks, scores and tummy washing! What a fabulous job you do under sometimes tricky circumstances.

  2. I tried to click on both of these links:
    Learn more about Friendship Friday here.
    View More Friendship Friday Participants
    And neither one worked. Just thought you should know. Still love your blog, though!!!!

  3. I will be praying for you to find the perfect house. We moved four years ago and the houses that we first were wanting ended up being far from desirable. We did find a house that met our needs but we toured a lot before we found the one. It is smaller than our old one but in town as apposed 30 minutes out. We were on an acre and a half. It does take a little getting used to but I used to be a city boy so it wasn’t hard.

    1. Thanks Chris! Moving to the city will take some getting used to and I’m sure there will be some things I’ll miss about living in the country. But I really am so tired of such long drives to get anywhere. A simple grocery trip wastes a whole day and of course, we do want better access to services for Bethany and opportunities for Jerry!

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