Friendship Friday: A Strange Obsession and a Broken Computer

Welcome to Friendship Friday. Please share what’s on your mind. What exciting things did you do this week?

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Unfortunately a fan broke on my computer. It’s been very annoying and frustrating to put it mildly. I used Rebekah’s computer to get this post up. Sadly, I was unable to download any of my photos this week. I was able to add this photo that Rebekah took while she was babysitting though!

I have some exciting news! Rebekah is now a licensed driver and has bought her first car, a 1999 red Pontiac Sunfire complete with a sun roof! She will now be driving in style! Look out world!!

Last Sunday Bethany was supposed to go with her new aide, A. to Flash Club. However, when she arrived Bethany refused to get ready and go. Malcolm had taken the other kids with him to bring Rachel and Wil back to college and I was supposed to experience being home alone for the first time in thirteen years!! Needless to say I was slightly disappointed at the unfortunate turn of events, but there will be other times to try it again!

This week we are going to try dropping Bethany off at Flash Club with A. who will then take her out around town and bring her home afterwards. As it turned out, it seems that Bethany was coming down with a cold and perhaps she just didn’t feel well enough to go out that day!

Another weird situation with Bethany this week was that she developed a frighteningly extreme obsession to watching a Korean boy band on You Tube. It was so intense that she wouldn’t even stop watching it to eat!

After wrestling it away from her at 1:00 am one night we decided to delete You Tube from her iPad. We told her that the time was up on the video and that it wasn’t there anymore. Yes, we did lie to her, but her obsession with it was far worse than any other she has ever had. It really scared us. It was that bad! I taped her watching it for a few minutes. What you will see her doing is what she did for almost two days straight (and nothing else) until we put a stop to it!

We also decided to institute a new rule for Bethany which she has handled much better than I anticipated she would. We are no longer permitting her to have any electronic devices in the bedroom at bedtime. This new rule has helped her fall asleep and stay asleep much better than before. I’m hoping that getting enough sleep will do wonders for her disposition!

On a happier note, when it was time for Bethany to get ready for bowling this week, she did so immediately with no prodding or bargaining. She very nicely got into the car when it was time to leave and got back out of the car when we arrived at the bowling alley with absolutely no problems!

So the whole week wasn’t a total disaster at least and although we experienced a few setbacks, we are still making progress!

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*Update* I just realized that I forgot to add a featured blogger- We’ll get back to that next week!

SO how about you? What exciting things have you done this week?

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17 Replies to “Friendship Friday: A Strange Obsession and a Broken Computer

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get any time to yourself this week. That must have been a little disappointing. Hopefully next week?
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Oh, I understand about strange obsessions. Our latest has been watching Frozen over and over. And then we *lost* the DVD. I think someone actually hid it and now can’t remember where it is. 😉

    This week was also Epilepsy Awareness Day (March 26th!). I didn’t know there was even any such thing, except for the benefit of Pinterest. So I wrote some things I would want my friends to know about epilepsy as it affects us. 🙂

  3. I hope you get your time home alone soon! I have been home alone a few times but not often in the past 5 years. When I am, it feels so weird! Nice, but very weird.

  4. Sorry about your computer. I hope that it can be repaired without too much difficulty on your part. I’m always so amazed at the positives that you find in each week. I’m happy that Bethany did much better with the transitions for bowling this week, even if the Flash Club didn’t work out as well. At least there is a plan for the next Flash Club outing. That really was some obsession; I’m not sure I’d have known how to handle that.

    1. I thin we just decide to run this computer over a cooling board til it drops! I got everything important off it first though! I am never quite sure how to handle the weird things Bethany throws at us! We never had to deal with stuff like this when she was having seizures all the time. She’s never had any rules or routines to follow before. We’re all just getting used to a new kind of life!

  5. Hope your computer is an easy fix Sylvia! I’m also sorry you didn’t have time alone. I think electronics in the bedroom can be a bad idea for anyone. I am so happy Rebakah got a car! And a cool red car!! I hope your weekend is good and next week is even better. Thank you for hosting. 🙂

    1. Well we’ve decided to just get everything off of this one and then run it over a cooling board until it drops! Our weekend has gotten off to a great start. I hope yours has too, Karen!

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  7. Oh man! I’m sorry about the computer. I dislike computers so much. I finally switched to Mac everything because I was so fed up. Hope you get fixed quick! As for Bethany, it looks like she likes the opening music on that song. Maybe get her some drums? 😉

    Have a good week!

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