Friendship Friday: Jeremiah is Back!

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*Jeremiah has graciously granted his permission to include his pictures in this post!*

Yesterday on her day off from working at our local pizza parlor, Rachel convinced Jeremiah to get off his computer and walk the mile into our little rural village to visit Rebekah while she was working at the pharmacy. Of course they didn’t do anything that might have gotten her into trouble. They just picked a couple of things to buy and then went to her cash register to purchase their items.


While they were in town Rachel was nice enough to treat Jerry to some Chinese Dumplings and he took the opportunity to go into the bank and cash in the coins from his piggy bank for dollar bills! He had $15 in that little piggy bank! And he has a purchase in mind for that money!

He has been asking to by this Air Soft M4A1 Boys Automatic Electric Rifle . I’m not really sure how I feel about that.


I know it’s just a BB gun and that he would only be shooting at targets, but what with all the recent shooting tragedies like the policeman shooting and killing an unarmed young man in #Ferguson, a nine year old girl accidentally shooting and killing her instructor with a real Uzi and hearing of incidents where cops have killed kids thinking that their water guns were real, I’m just not sure if buying this gun is a good idea.

I am actually more worried about someone seeing Jeremiah with this gun and thinking it is real, calling the police, and then him getting shot by the cops more than I am worried about Jerry accidentally hurting someone else!

I know I am opening myself up to much criticism with the next question and I have decided never to reveal online whether or not we decide get the gun for him, but I am curious, what do you all think about an almost 13 year old having a gun such as this one?

Bethany has made her final visit to Sylvan Beach for this summer. I think the novelty and excitement has been wearing off a little already anyway because she only played in the water and on the beach for about two hours as opposed to her usual four and she only rode the roller coaster twice rather than three times. She didn’t even ask to ride the merry go round at all this time either!

She has also decided that she needs her own lap top computer! She came to this conclusion and made this decision after discovering that there is Netflix is on my laptop! I’ve had a hard time getting her to let me use my own computer to work on ever since!

I think having her own comupter or netbook would be good for her. She could have more access to her games and movies, and be able to do her school work, type and learn to communicate without having to use mine. I know having her own computer would be good for me! Maybe I should get the new one and give her my old one? So anyway now we just have to some how come up with a few hundred extra bucks!

Beth’s Flash Club and bowling start up again in mid-September. She seems to be looking forward to getting back to her old activities. I’m hoping so, but we shall see if that’s true because she has not wanted to go out of the house for any reason at all this summer except to go to Sylvan Beach!

School starts next Wednesday for us and so next week I’ll have something to say about that!

What have you all been up to this past week? I hope your week was full of fun and blessings!


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5 Replies to “Friendship Friday: Jeremiah is Back!

  1. Good luck with school next week. And it was nice to see Jeremiah again. It’s so sweet how your children care for each other. I love those little glimpses of your life.

  2. I have a strict no toy gun policy in my house but then I’m Canadian. The only ones we allow are the very outlandish water guns and those are only allowed to be used in our fenced backyard. That is also partly due to me not wanting them running into the street.

    I like the idea of a laptop for Bethany and the communication methods it could open for her.

    1. We were looking at lap tops today and found a couple that also had touch screens. Beth is so used to iPad that we’re thinking this kind would be good for her.

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