Friendship Friday: Making Friends and K5 Learning

Welcome to Friendship Friday! I hope you had a great week!

The most exciting thing to happen around here this week was Bethany Dancing With Boys in the Gym! It was so precious to see Bethany and her friends dancing, interacting with, and enjoying each other! Dancing with boys is a perfectly normal activity for a fifteen year old girl to engage in, but seeing Bethany dancing with boys was most certainly not a typical sight for us!

It is still quite the struggle trying to convince Bethany to get ready to go to her activities on time. After a bit of a struggle getting her into the car for bowling last Wednesday night, she then refused to get out of the car when we arrived at the bowling alley…AGAIN!!

It is beyond frustrating to drive 30 miles just for her to go bowling and then have her act so irrationally stubborn when we arrive at our destination. It almost makes me want to throw in the towel in defeat, say forget it and stop trying. But I just can’t bring myself to give up on offering her opportunities to have fun. I just can’t do that no matter how annoying she may be.

After Rebekah and I finally convinced her to get out of the car, we went in and discovered that all the other people were already in the middle of games. Since Bethany refused to bowl on a different lane than the one that she was used to, she had to wait for it to open up. She ended up bowling two games by herself! However, she didn’t even realize that she was bowling alone because other the kids interacted with her and cheered her on just the same!

A, The young woman we met at bowling the first time we went gave us her phone number. We have a “date” to call her today. Now Bethany has a friend that she can call on the phone! That’s awesome! The thought of Bethany having a real friend of her very own is my motivation for not giving up trying to get her involved in these social activities, no matter how aggravating getting her to them may be!

Dance W boys

Now I must confess that with all my attention going toward getting Bethany involved in social activities, I have neglected Jeremiah’s social life. I just realized that Bethany is actually more social than Jerry now! It is really worrying me that he would rather stay home and play online games with his online friends than have real life friends to hang out with! He didn’t even want to go out to dinner and a movie for his birthday!

I know that part of the problem is that he does not enjoy the same things that most boys his age do. He’s used to being around adults, so kids his age seem immature to him. He’s also not into sports where as most of the boys at church are. Living in such a rural area with little social opportunities and being limited as to what activities we can actually pull off what with Bethany’s behavior problems and lack of a respite worker at the moment to stay home with her doesn’t help the situation either.

I need to find an activity outside the home that is awesome enough to get him out of the house! Any suggestions?

In case you missed it, we had Another Birthday in the family this week!
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Bethany has been greatly enjoying our free trial of K5 Learning! She actually will sit at the computer for quite while doing kindergarten math and reading lessons. K5 Learning is a great way to keep Bethany educationally engaged while I’m working one on one with Jeremiah! I like that I can go in to the parent dashboard and choose the exact lessons that she likes the best.

You can get a two week free trial of K5 Learning too. Just click on the link above or the banner below to learn more about this fun way of learning online. I’ll be posting a full review very soon!

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5 Replies to “Friendship Friday: Making Friends and K5 Learning

  1. I am so glad Bethany has a friend. I pray that it will blossom and be such a wonderful thing for her. I am a lover of online games too but Keilee and I play them together. Trust me I know the allure of the online game world. Especially for males. You can be powerful and admired all from the comfort of your home. I hope he will find something else to inspire him. Thank you for hosting Sylvia!!

  2. You are doing such a great job trying to get Bethany out there and with some friends of her own. There is so much that you work through with her to provide these opportunities to her, I can’t even imagine how frustrating it must be. There is only so much you can do and you are doing the best you can with them all.

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