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I found this on Facebook.   It is exactly how I feel!
I found this on Facebook. It is exactly how I feel!

This week found us bringing Rachel her passport and on our last carousel ride of the season! Bethany was even on the WBNG Binghamton channel 12 News!

last week of summer

In this collage are pics taken at Rachel’s College and her apartment kitchen.

You’ll also see photos taken during our shopping trip at the Christmas Tree Store. Telling Bethany the name of the store has started her asking the same three questions about Christmas over and over again! Chistmas (Christmas) Coming? Da big twee (tree)? We get pesents (presents)?

Next are a photo of Malcolm and Beth waiting to ride the carousel and then everyone riding on it.

The next five photos are of our last hurrah of the summer. Every August for that last fifty some years our little town has put on a “Youth Days” carnival and parade for the kids. All of our kids with the exception of Bethany, seem to have out grown it now. In fact, this year no one but Bethany was the least bit interested in going at all. She rode one ride on the Sizzler and was done with the rides, then she played the duck game and won a little prize which she was very proud of!

Malcolm found a snake out in the grass while mowing so he brought it in to show to the kids. Even Bethany wanted to hold it, but she did squeeze it a little too hard!

The last photo on the collage is a pic of Bethany with a (first ever in her life) full pony tail in her hair!

Of course we also started our 30th year of homeschooling last Wednesday. I’m hoping to be a little more formal this year. Jeremiah is in 7th grade after all! He’s doing Saxon 76, Life Science, Ancient History, Poetry, Art Appreciation, and Squilt Music!

Bethany is going to (hopefully) learn to be a little more independent. I’d like her to get to the point of being able to shower herself and wash her own hair. I’d also like her to learn how to make her own sandwiches and other simple non-cooked meals. She will also to the best of her ability study Ancient Egypt, Life Science, and work on some literacy unit studies.

I was able to meet with a behavior therapist at Catholic Charities this week. She starts coming out to the house next Wednesday! I’m really hoping that she will have some ideas on how to better handle Bethany’s occasional behavior outbursts and this “learned helplessness” that is a result of not being physically able to really do much of anything for over a decade but have seizures or be recuperating from having seizures!

I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend and first day of school!

Speaking of Friendship Friday…please watch this incredible commercial of friendship, love, and disability!

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  1. It looks like it was a good week for you all. I’m happy to see you all enjoying the last bit of summer! Have a great school year and I look forward to reading about how things go this year.

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