Friendship Friday: More Yoga, a Successful Shopping trip and a Mood Gone Sour

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Last Saturday we took Bethany to Party City to pick out some “Sweet Sixteen” party decorations. Yes, believe it or not my little baby girl is going to be sixteen soon and we are celebrating her birthday along with Malcolm’s sixieth and Josiah’s twenty seventh- tomorrow!

The first thing we noticed when we walked into Party City was the oodles of (forbidden) candies and other goodies all within Bethany’s easy reach! If we had realized there would be anything other than party supplies and decorations inside we would not have put her through such temptation, but as luck would have it, she was not interested in it and so behaved very well! She picked out the decorations that she wanted and we were quickly out the door and on our way without any meltdowns. She did ask for the “good kind” of (organic, gluten free) Gummy Bears on the way home and we gladly obliged!

On Sunday Beth cooperated with getting ready for and going to Flash Club to attend her second Yoga class which she loved even more than the first one. This time she knew exactly what to expect. She accepted the new instructor without a fuss! The routine was exactly the same as it was the first time with the exception of the Tree Pose being added at the end of the class. Bethany thrives on everything always being the same so that was a plus!

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After being active and working very hard for a whole hour straight, Beth did not want the class to end! After class she was delighted to see her instructor at Dunkin Donuts where we had gone for a coffe and donut for Malcolm and an iced tea for me. I had packed organic apple juice for Bethany to drink.

Later during the week Bethany’s good mood began to turn sour. She has been a little more aggressive with me this week. I am hoping that her sour mood doesn’t decline into violence. I have had to lock up all her electronics and DVD’s until she agrees to take her medicine, brush her teeth, complete an educational activity, and/or work on her independence skills.

On Wednesday Bethany refused to go bowling with her aide. Yesterday, she got a little more “physical” with me. She pushed me away, grabbed her work away from me, and threw it on the floor. Then she ran into the bedroom to cool off. When she returned she was in a slightly better mood. I quickly read her a page from her social studies book and proclaimed her school work to be done.

While this may seem like a ridiculously minimal amount of work to most of you, being made to wait for a preferred activity until she completes an unwanted one is a new concept for Bethany. I wanted her to know that she had to finish her work without frustrating her into a violent meltdown. I hope to gently and gradually add in more and more less preferred activities to her “work” list as time goes on. After she finished her work that day we played some games and then I let her watch Angelina Ballerina which is her new movie obsession!

It’s time to get a bit tougher on her and start making her work a little harder before she can have access to her beloved technology and DVD’s! I know it will be harder on me than on her and am not really looking forward to it!
I am also planning another post on the benefits of Yoga for special kids in the near future so come back for another visit soon!

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Rebekah and Rachel visited William and a few other friends at college last weekend. 10389299_10152790586281694_5831795219646193561_n
They went out to a really cool Sushi place where all the food was moving through on a conveyor belt. Each plate was color coded to a set price! Different color dishes cost between $3 and $16! They were lucky to have gone on half price day! Every dish cost just half of the usual price!

Now, this kind of restaurant may be familiar to many of you already, but to us country bumpkins who live way out in the middle of nowhere this is a new and exciting dining experience!

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12 Replies to “Friendship Friday: More Yoga, a Successful Shopping trip and a Mood Gone Sour

  1. You know, media is a battle in every household across the world I think! We are very strict and yet some times I think how much easier it would be to just let them watch a dvd or play on their computers. Sigh. Being a parent sure is tough sometimes!

  2. Happy Birthday to all the birthday people in your family, especially Bethany! It is wonderful that she was able to do class and a shopping trip. I am sorry that school is so difficult for the two of you. I do understand about tv obsession as my Alex has it too. Do not feel as if you are not doing the right thing. We know how hard to work to give Bethany a good life. Don’t be so hard on yourself, and that is an order. 🙂 Another great week, it seems to me. And thank you for hosting this link-up each week.

  3. Happy sixteenth to Bethany and hapy birthday to the others celebrating along with her! I’m happy Bethany had a good time shopping for decorations and at yoga class. Sorry her mood turned sour this week, but I’m sure it’ll sweeten up soon.

  4. Happy birthday Beth!!!! And great job going to Yoga and getting your decorations picked out!

    Mom, I know it’s tough a lot of the times but you’re doing awesome! And that sushi place the “kids” went to? I’d have loved being there even though I don’t eat much sushi anymore LOL

  5. I am working on similar stuff with Kaylee… Her teacher wants me to work with her on going to sit in a corner to cool off and she is not liking that idea at all. I know it’s not the same situation, different ages and special needs, but I empathize with you! It is so hard to have your own child get physical with you. Kay often hurts herself instead now too, which is no better. But the progress we make and the good days make it all worth it!

    Happy 16th birthday to Bethany!! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Just today- the day of Beth’s birthday party she has hit and pushed me several times and threw two plants and a CD player on the floor. All because the cat got outside! I’m sorry you and Kaylee are going through this too, Camille. It’s definitely not an easy thing to live with, is it?. But the good days are definitely worth celebrating!

  6. Happy Birthday to everyone. I’m so behind in reading this week. I’m thrilled to read how successful yoga has been for Bethany. I hope her mood does improve. Sometimes we battle mood issues too. I had to take away the iPad last week until my girl could complete something without sneaking peeks of her games. It’s so tempting with such easily accessible entertainment.

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