Friendship Friday: Not Much Going On!

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Welcome to Friendship Friday! It’s so good to see you! Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us! I hope you’ve had a fabulous week! Ours has been a little quiet and a little depressing for me.

I’m trying very hard to be content and not impatient while getting our house ready to sell. I really want to move, like yesterday! I keep torturing myself by checking periodically to see what houses are for sale in the city where I want to move, then worrying that all the good ones will be sold before I can get a down payment on one. Waiting is hard!

One good thing that has happened this week is that we have successfully weaned Bethany from her unhealthy Pizza Hut addiction. Getting sick a few weeks back kind of actually helped us achieve that goal. We told her that the pizza was making her sick. Since she didn’t like being sick, she stopped eating it!

At first I felt like we were telling her a lie because eating pizza was not a direct contributing factor to making her get a sinus infection, but if you really think about it, consuming any sort of fast food regularly will make anyone sick!

Another thing that I’ve been contemplating about this week is the little romance that Bethany and a boy in her social club have going on! If you’re interested in knowing more about this please click on the picture.

These headlines in our local paper called out to me the other day. I was worried that the ruling might have been something about not immunizing your children being illegal, but thankfully I was wrong. The ruling was that public schools can now bar un-vaccinated children from attending school during “vaccinatable” disease outbreaks. You can also read more about this by clicking on the next image.



Update on my reading list!
I have finished reading:
1) How to Teach Life Skills to Kids with Autism or Asperger’s
2) The Fault in Our Stars
3) Tortured for Christ

I have added the following books to my list: (This list contains affiliate links)
1) Emergence: Labeled Autistic

2) The Autistic Brain: Helping Different Kinds of Minds Succeed
3) Be Still, My Soul: Embracing God’s Purpose and Provision in Suffering
4) Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life

5) Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action

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2 Replies to “Friendship Friday: Not Much Going On!

  1. Sometimes an uneventful week can be a good thing! I know waiting can be hard. I am praying that this change will go smoothly for you. My brother has an allergic reaction to milk products and it gives him terrible sinus headaches if he consumes it. Perhaps that is the case with Bethany…in that case perhaps the food from Pizza Hut does make her sick. Your book list looks interesting.

  2. House selling is such a difficult process when you are anxious to move. It all depends on other people and you have almost no control over the speed. We will pray for your move and that it all happens in the right timing for your family.

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