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This week’s featured blog is Extreme Parenting! These amazing extreme parents have 18 children, some of whom have special needs and challenges! The marvelous mom of this incredible family has limitless energy, lots of love and plenty of creative ingenuity! She is always upbeat and positive despite dealing with some devastating diagnoses and tragic situations. Please take a few minutes to visit and show some love and support to this wonderful family.

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Many of you know that Bethany has been sick with sinusitis and an infected lymph node. Honestly, she has not been this sick since she had brain cancer! She has done nothing but sleep and lay around for over a week. She has expressed no interest whatsoever in even attempting go to basket ball or bowling, her two favorite activities!

It seems that there’s no respite from worrying where Bethany is concerned. Our newest worry is that she has nearly stopped eating altogether during her illness and has lost 10 pounds. Yes, I know she has been needing to lose some of her Depakote weight gain, but losing it in a more healthy manner would have been more to my liking!
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One exciting new development is that while waiting around in the emergency room, Bethany actually de-escalated her own meltdown This is unheard of! Never before has she gone into a meltdown without it ending in a kicking, pushing, slapping, hair pulling, violent brawl! You can read more about that at A Meltdown Interrupted!

I started the video below because I was afraid that I might have to prove that it was actually her beating us up and not the other way around, but as you can see she got distracted.

Last Friday night my son, Jim and his wife Jasmine came up from NYC for a weekend visit. We continued our tradition of making our annual trip to the Fly Creek Cider Mill.

Even though we were sad that Bethany did not feel well enough to go with us, we were thrilled that our normally reclusive son, Nate did choose to come along!

The best part of going to the mill is sampling all the cider, wine, cheeses, donuts, fudge, dips, spreads, and sauces!  As hard as it was to do I did NOT sample any fudge!
The best part of going to the mill is sampling all the cider, wine, cheeses, donuts, fudge, dips, spreads, and sauces! As hard as it was to do I did NOT sample any fudge!

Jeremiah also continued his tradition of eating something gross while he’s there. This year he ate another cricket and a scorpion, the latter of which apparently tastes like chocolate! I will just have to take his word for that, because I assure you I will never ever eat a scorpion or any other insect for that matter!
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I know you are just dying to buy your own Crick-ettes- Sour Cream & Onion and Scorpion Sucker- Blueberry through my Amazon affiliate links!

It’s always a pleasure to sit on the deck over looking the pond while slurping on our delicious apple cider slushies and feeding the ducks and geese!
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We are hoping to have our house ready to sell by the end of the summer. My husband and kids have been sprucing up the yard and house to get ready for a property appraisal. I’d really like to move as soon as possible. We just need to do a few chores first. Removing dead trees, painting the exterior of the house, and completing some trim work inside that has been put on hold for far too long to name a few! I would love prayer that we finish these jobs and sell the house quickly!

With Bethany being so quiet this week I’ve been able to plan out our curriculum and learning activities for next year! Jeremiah is going into grade 7/8 so his school work is going to be slightly less “unschoolish” as he has been used to! I just know he’s really looking forward to that! I’m sure it will take some adjustments on both our parts.

As much of a strong advocate as I am for unschooling in the younger years, I feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t prepare him for college entrance by providing him with a more challenging curriculum for middle and high school.

Bethany will continue working on practical life skills, survival math and reading, community safety skills, simple meal prep and kitchen skills, self care skills, and socialization skills. This next school year, I will also expose her to art and music appreciation, literature units, earth science and world geography.

But for now I’d like to forget about school while we enjoy a hopefully long, warm, fun, safe, and healthy summer. I hope your summer turns out to be everything that you want it to be too!

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13 Replies to “Friendship Friday: On the Mend

  1. I am so sorry to hear that Bethany has been sick. That’s awful, and I hope she improves soon.
    I’m not sure my posts are working for Friendship Friday at the moment, but I’m not sure why.

  2. Thank you very much for featuring my blog this week. That is wonderful that you were able to get away for the weekend, it looks like you had a lot of fun. I hope Bethany feels better quickly, sinus pain has to be one of the worst pains.

  3. So sorry to hear Bethany has been sick but how wonderful about her calming herself down. Fly Creek Cider Mill looks amazing Sylvia. How fun. I hope your plans for the selling of your house goes well. What a huge undertaking. As always prayers for you and your sweet girl. You are such an amazing Mom and she is so blessed to have the family she has. Hugs and happy weekend.

  4. I am glad to hear that Bethany de-escalated herself. That is a great improvement. I have eaten chocolate covered ants and one chocolate covered grasshopper. The ants I would eat again but I wouldn’t go out of my way to find some. They are just crunchy chocolate. The grasshopper… Not again. It was too gamey.

  5. I would say that I could never imagine eating a scorpion. Usually, when they come into my house I run screaming for my husband if he’s home (or I have to compose myself to kill it if he’s not). Now, that I hear the report that they might taste like chocolate, I am a little curious though! LOL

    1. Rebecca, I guess I’d rather have a candy coated scorpion than come across a live one running around the house! I am still not the least bit curious about the taste of a scorpion!

  6. I’m sorry that Bethany is still sick. I hope she recovers soon and feels up to eating. It does look like you had a good relaxing break with family though. It can be stressful getting a house ready for sale. I hope it all goes smoothly and quickly for you.

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