Friendship Friday: The One Where I’m So Annoyed I Could Spit!

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Our week has been pretty good one I suppose, despite dealing with some major behavior issues on Saturday night and then after a nice, calm and happy Sunday afternoon another outburst again on Sunday night.

Both nights Bethany had violent outbursts for about two hours after being told that she needed to take a shower. I’m talking hitting, shoving, and destroying the living room and bedroom. I did not see it coming because as you can see she was very happy all day Saturday and Sunday coloring and hunting for eggs.
PicMonkey Collage

On Easter Sunday our son, Josiah and his girlfriend, Katie joined us for dinner. Josiah hid the eggs for Bethany and all the kids jumped on the trampoline just like when they were little!

A conversation with Bethany

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Pt. 2

Tattoos and Trampolines

Thursday we headed out to Bethany’s long awaited for neuro-psych evaluation. I was strongly urged to get Bethany in to see this doctor by the leader of our local Brain Injury Association who assured me that it would be the best thing we ever did for her. I had high hopes that we might really get some help this time!

After driving for almost two hours it became obvious that Bethany was probably going to give us a hard time getting out of the car. But to our delight and great relief her mood changed drastically for the better when she heard a church’s clock chime just like our Grandfather Clock does at home does! When it played some hymns as well she was thrilled!

Bethany behaved very well after that, even while sitting for a half an hour in the waiting room. When we finally saw the doctor he asked me what we were there for! I was dumbfounded! I told him that the Brain Injury Association had recommended we see him and that I assumed he would be evaluating Bethany’s level of functioning and behavior issues. He asked if she had any services. Of course I said yes and then he proceeded to inform me that he only evaluates adults with brain injuries who need justification to get services and that was the end of that!

I cannot tell you how disappointed I was yet again! I was so annoyed I could have spit, but I pretended to be very interested in what he had to say instead. I wasn’t really mad at the doctor. In fact, he was really quite nice, but I was really ticked off at that Brain Injury Association Lady for constantly bugging me over and over to get this wonderful evaluation done which would be the answer to all our problems!

I just love how everyone always knows exactly what we should do except they don’t! We got our hopes up once again only to have them dashed to pieces once again! Well The doctor did give us the names of two more doctors that specialize in helping kids just like Bethany- except only kids just like Bethany up to age eleven! He thinks they may be able to direct us to even more doctors who treat kids Bethany’s age!

I’m debating if I really want to waste any more time or money pursuing these new leads only to probably get now help at all. I hate getting Bethany all agitated and aggravated for these appointments for no reason. It feels even stronger now like we are on our own and destined to be on our own for the remainder of our days!

There were some bright moments to redeem the day though. We picked up Rachel and we walked around our favorite grocery store, Wegmans and got some great vegetarian entrees for dinner there!

Later after we got home, Rebekah gave us tickets to go to SUNY Oneonta’s production of Carousel which our dear friend, Micaelina was performing in. (This is the same Micaelina that you see on my side bar!) Rebekah also offered to babysit! To prove that we actually went somewhere by ourselves I’ve included some photos of our evening out!

Me and the old man!  I thought about trying to photo shop away my saggy baggy elephant neck, but I wouldn't want to shock any of you with what I really look like if we should ever have the pleasure of meeting in person!
Me and the old man! I thought about trying to photo shop away my saggy baggy elephant neck, but I wouldn’t want to shock any of you with what I really look like if we should ever have the pleasure of meeting in person!


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19 Replies to “Friendship Friday: The One Where I’m So Annoyed I Could Spit!

  1. Sylvia, I think you are absolutely beautiful the way you are — no Photoshopping necessary! As for the wild goose chase for the perfect evaluation, been there, done that although thank God, not recently! Hugs and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Sorry for such a rough week. I would spit, too.

    But yay that you got to go to the musical! I pray that your next week will go a little more smoothly, and that you’ll be directed in the way you should go. ((hugs))

  3. How terribly frustrating for all of you! I will keep you all in my prayers that you will find someone that can help. We had a lot of violent melt downs from age 11-13 but thankfully now at 14 they have become rare. Of course we have a handful of other things to deal with still but for awhile I was afraid to be alone with my son.

    1. Thanks for your prayers, Joy. I can always use more people praying for us! I’m glad your meltdowns have subsided. I sure don’t wish them on anyone! We’re still working on it!

  4. Oh, Sylvia. It seems we were both in the same place recently. It is so hard, sometimes, to see if we re doing the right thing. Trying to get our children seen as they are and get them what they need.

    But I am so glad you & Malcolm had a date night. I am even happier that there was no photoshopping 🙂

    1. It is hard, isn’t it? I’m always afraid that people especially doctors will think we are neglecting her if we don’t follow through on every piece of advice. Date night was fun. I just wish I could photo shop my real neck along with a few other body parts!

  5. Oh, I’m so sorry that the neuro visit was of so little use to you. People always know what you should be doing in the five minutes they’ve talked to you about it. I’ve seriously stopped taking advice from people who don’t know us really well. I know they mean to be helpful and kind, in most case, but they really don’t know the situation and can’t honestly give me any advice. At least Bethany was calmed by the church bells and didn’t give you too much of a fuss while you were out that day.
    And, Yay! for having a date night. It looks like you had a great time and you look great in the picture!

    1. Our date night was a lot of fun, Christy. From now on I’m just going to smile and say “Thanks for the info. I’ll think about it!” And then not worry about what they think!

  6. I like the Easter egg photos. Bethany looks so happy in those. I am sorry to hear about her outbursts and I pray for her and for your safety. I lived for a time in an apartment that backed on to a church that had those automated bells. At first it was wonderful but after a few weeks (they went hourly) I wished they would change the song.

    1. Thanks for your prayers, Chris. I really appreciate it. I can just imagine how much those bells drove you crazy eventually. I drown out the ones on my clock with a heater or a fan depending on the season because they drive me crazy at night!

  7. Sylvia I loved seeing YOU. You are beautiful and I am so glad you got a night out. I am so sorry about the doctor. That has to be so incredibly frustrating!!! It looks like you all did have a great Easter. I miss Easter Egg Hunts! Happy weekend and thank you for hosting!

  8. Sylvia, that is so incredibly disappointing. It is such a burn to have hopes be dashed. I know the feeling. Charmaine is 19 years old currently. She is too old to go back to school, and because she is not yet 21 Disability won’t pay her an adult pension. We are doing well but she is so stuck and there are so many people who COULD help but fine print says not to!

    1. That is terrible. In the US people with disabilities can stay in public school until they are 21. Children with disabilities under 18 can get SSI if their parents income is not over the limit. Once they turn 18 their parent’s income is no longer counted. I hope some how Charmaine can get the help she needs.

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