Friendship Friday: A minor bit of trouble!

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Welcome once again to Friendship Friday, the gathering place where we can share what ever is on our minds! Do you have a story to tell or a victory to share? Do Tell! I love hearing from friends old and new!
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This week’s featured blogger is Stephanie from Homeschooling Mama of Four. As her blog name implies, Stephanie is a fellow homeschooling mom. She is also the sweet mom to the beautiful and precious little Sarah, who has some very special needs! I’ve grown quite fond of this dear family and I know you will too! Please take a minute to visit Stephanie’s blog to show a little love and support!
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I’ve been married for nearly 17 years to my high school sweetheart. We have four amazing children who have been homeschooled since grade one. After nine years at home, our oldest is getting ready to leave the nest and attend our local high school this fall. His interests range from mechanics to biking to Lego and Star Wars. Our second will be starting her grade nine year this fall with no intention of going to school at any point soon. She loves kids and is my number one babysitter when I need it. She is very talented on the piano and sings frequently at our church. Our third has finished grade four this spring and will be beginning grade five in the fall. She too, loves piano and singing like her older sister. Our youngest is almost six and is the inspiration of my blog. She is sweet, soft hearted and is able to charm nearly anyone who comes her way.

Sarah was born 9 days after her due date on June 22, 2008 following an uneventful pregnancy. At the time of her birth, it didn’t seem odd that she was only six pounds or that she was just barely 17 inches long. All the new things we bought her were too big and we had to buy preemie clothes even though she was more than full term. What I remember from those early days is she was such an unhappy baby. We tried different reflux medications, chiropractor, formula feeding… the works. It wasn’t until she gained her first pound at three months old that we decided to get her checked out. She was quickly diagnosed with Failure to Thrive and we were sent off for a myriad of tests. Nothing showed up. She began taking a prescription formula by bottle in addition to my nursing her. On the day of one of her weigh ins, she was was two ounces more than was required for her to be admitted to the hospital. That was a true answer to prayer! Once she had gained enough to make her pediatrician happy, we were able to go off the formula and I continued breast feeding full time again. Things kind of slowed down after that until the spring of 2011 when we decided to have her speech tested. As it turned out, she was diagnosed with severe global developmental delays in all areas, including her speech. At almost three years old, I had a developmentally aged 18-24 month old. We were introduced to Early Intervention, a new pediatrician who specialized in special needs and that was the beginning of a new stage of our lives. After an MRI, she was further diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Microcephaly which is an abnormally small head due to the lack of brain growth. The doctor can only presume this brain damage had occurred due to oxygen deprivation early in my pregnancy. Today, Sarah is almost six years old and acts like a three year old. She is learning to pretend play and is slowly catching on how to play with other kids. She loves her stuffed animals and Playmobile. The past three years have been quite the journey as I’ve come to realize that Sarah will not by a typically developing little girl. Some days are tougher than others but I give God all the glory for how far I’ve come.

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Bethany is finally feeling much better this week. Thank you all for praying for her. She has been eating and drinking better and felt well enough to attend Flash Club last Sunday and Rec club on Tuesday night where she and the Bowling gang played Frisbee. She even taught her aide to play Go Fish this week!

Unfortunately we had a small grocery shopping mishap last night. I was concentrating on shopping while dad took her around the store to look at the toys and DVDs. All was going well and she was happy as a clam when they caught up with me. Bethany was ecstatic to have found a new Blues Clues DVD.

She then proceeded to take off and apparently got obsessed with tracing the letters on a forbidden cupcake package. I didn’t witness the event but was told that she picked up a package and began to trace the letters on the label. The trouble began when she wanted to turn the package of beautifully frosted cupcakes upside down to trace the label on the bottom. Obviously, this would have destroyed the cupcakes.

Of course, my husband did not allow that and a battle ensued. When I arrived onto the scene after checking out, Bethany was laying down on the floor with her shoes and socks off in the little video game alcove. I told her that I hadn’t been able to find the good kind of vanilla ice cream and asked her to please get up and go to the car so we could try to find it at another store. She agreed and did so just as nice as could be. We finally found the ice cream and all was well with the world once again.

I think however, in the future we will try to avoid taking her grocery shopping. At least for a while. It just seems to be too overwhelming for her. For now we will stick to her three days a week social activities.

I just finished reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It was so sad and depressing but soooo good! The girls went to see the movie and informed me that I must go see it, so they offered to babysit and Malcolm and I went out to see the movie too. The movie stayed pretty true to the book. A few details were omitted, but it really followed the book almost exactly! I highly recommend reading the book and seeing the movie too- if you don’t mind crying in public that is!
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Recently, someone asked me this question concerning Bethany.  I hope that you will take the time to read my response. Just click on the photo below to read it.
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If you are a Family affected by childhood brain cancer or know of one please click the image below for more information.
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My daughter, Rebekah has started a photography blog. If you are interested in seeing her work just click on RP Photography!
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9 Replies to “Friendship Friday: A minor bit of trouble!

  1. I read your response. Good for you! When are people going to realise that ‘normal’ is a misnomer. Bethany is living a full life with a family who adore her, school and activities galore. That sounds fairly ‘normal’ to me!

  2. I am so glad Bethany you were able to calm Bethany down so quickly. I just admire the job you and your husband do with your sweet girl. Keilee and I continue to pray for her and for you all. I CAN NOT believe someone said that to you. I love the response. People just AMAZE me!! Happy weekend Sylvia. Hugs to you.

  3. Wow, what amazing stories. I dislike the attitude of “can’t you do something to be normal”. I think you have a special blessing, and it’s your gift to share your life AS IS with the rest of the world. Keep blogging! Kudos to both you and your guest blogger.

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