Going Out For Bubble Tea

When we picked up Rachel to bring her home from college for the summer we went out for Bubble tea with some of her friends. If you have never tried bubble tea you should! It’s very interesting! It is powdered tea with large black tapioca balls in it. You drink it through very wide straws and if you are weird like my family is you will get a tapioca ball into the straw then spit it out as hard as you can to see how far you can make it go!

Bubble tea

Bubble tea

Rachel and her friend Lyndsey covering their teeth with black tapioca!

Rachel and her friend, Lyndsey covering their teeth with black tapioca!

Rachel's friend, Jackson.

Rachel’s friend, Jackson.

Her other friend Brandon.

Her other friend Brandon.

You can also get sushi where we went to get bubble tea.

You can also get sushi where we went to get bubble tea.

(I’m sorry these photos are so fuzzy and dark but it was dark outside where we sat!)

If you would like to try making your own bubble tea at home here are some recipes.

Below are ome supplies for making your very own bubble tea! If you should decide to purchase an item through my links below I will receive a small commission. Thank you very much!

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8 thoughts on “Going Out For Bubble Tea

    • Betty Jo, it was very weird drinking and eating at the same time! It was good, but generally I don’t like sweet drinks and it was a bit too sweet for me!

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