Jeremiah and the Chocolate Factory

If you have been following along in our adventures for a while you probably know by now that Jeremiah doesn’t like being away from his computer for long. While at times I do insist that he take a break from staring at that cold hard screen of his, most of the time I don’t fuss about it too much because we do live way out in the middle of nowhere.

There aren’t many other kids (that we know) -let alone other homeschoolers living nearby enough to conveniently schedule frequent get togethers, and I do understand and appreciate the appeal and value of online friendships! On the other hand when Jeremiah comes up with an idea for an activity to pursue that does not involve being glued to the screen, (though his ideas usually do originate from You Tube), I do all I can to support him…even if the idea does involve my arch enemy SUGAR, which, I’m sure if you’ve been following along here for a while you also know that for the most part we eat pretty healthy at my house!

With that being said please excuse my brief lapse of nutritional judgement!

Oops! It seems that I forgot to video a part two! But I did get some photos!


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  1. Such a wonderful idea! I know that my family would likely eat them quicker than they could get made! Thank you so much for sharing on Meandering Mondays! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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