Join the Fight for Access to Medical Marijuana


Yes, Yes Yes…I know I sound like a broken record, but I am asking you all once again to help Bethany and others suffering with debilitating diseases. Join the Fight For Access to medical marijuana! This time I am being more specific!
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We truly believe that medical marijuana is #BethanysLastHope for a happy, healthy life free from debilitating seizures, heartbreaking aggressive behavior, and even life threatening medication side effects.

I am asking all of you to please contact your senators and representatives. Ask them to support and co-sponsor Charlotte’s Web Medical Access Act H.R. 1635 & Therapeutic Medical Access Act S.1333

Tell them that you have friend whose daughter has been suffering with debilitating seizures and medication side effects for most of her 16 years. Tell them that her parents believe that medical marijuana is her last hope!

Find your senators and representatives here!

Congress will decide on H.R. 1635, and its senate companion bill S. 1333, a landmark bill to remove CBD (cannabidiol) and hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, where both are classified as Schedule 1 substances. This bill will help families gain access to non-psychoactive cannabis extract that is already changing the lives of thousands of Americans who suffer from debilitating conditions. Research will also flourish. We are calling on you to ask your legislators to co-sponsor these bills and become a champion for families in need. Please join us in the #FightForAccess!

Please feel free to visit Bethany’s Brain Tumor Diagnosis for more information.

Please share this post and the video and use the hashtags #FightForAccess and #BethanysLastHope

Thank You all so much!!

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  1. You don’t sound like a broken record! You sound like a mother who wants to do everything possible to help her daughter. Keep on!

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