My Daughter’s Boring Chronic Illness

Having a chronic illness and disability is very isolating and lonely.

Being the disabled mother of a daughter with a chronic illness and disability is isolating and lonely for me as well.

It’s also heartbreaking to have to stand by helplessly watching while my daughter suffers.

Spending the majority of your life stuck at home is not only isolating and lonely, it’s also very tedious, wearisome, and boring, as well.

Much of the time we can’t even go outside on a beautiful, warm, sunny, day because my daughter’s chronic illness and disability don’t allow for it.

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purple divider - Copy - CopyWhen It became apparent many years ago that my daughter, Bethany would never fully recover from her brain tumor ordeal, all our support and friendships slowly dwindled away.

Friends got tired of our neediness.

I think maybe they were afraid we’d be needy and constantly asking for help forever.

They got tired of my frequent need to talk about Bethany’s illness.

Basically, people just got sick and tired of Bethany being sick and disabled.

That’s when I started blogging and vlogging.

Now, I can continue fulfilling my constant need to “talk” about all the mundane and monotonous little details of life with a disabled and chronically ill daughter, without boring anyone who doesn’t want to know.

If anyone truly wants to know about how we’re doing they can read my blog or visit my You Tube Channel.

If they don’t care to hear about it, well then they don’t have to, but it’s “out there” for those that do care and I can go right on “talking”, even if all I’m really doing is “talking” to myself!

It’s very therapeutic.

Through blogging and vlogging I’ve been able to develop my own little community of online friends.

We support each other.

Blogging has made me feel a little less lonely, isolated, and all alone in the world!

If chronic illness and disability are a part of your life in some way, I invite you to visit and join our great big, happy YouTube family, where our goal is to do our darndest to take all our crappy situations and somehow turn them into a happy life!

You’re invited even if you aren’t affected by any disabilities or chronic illnesses!

Visit my You Tube Channel and subscribe!

You can view our channel trailer video below!

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On a more personal note, I recommend: Just Mildly Medicated, the blog of a 30 something Military wife and stay at home mother of four kids and a goldendoodle pup. She happens to also have a chronic illness, thin filter and deeply rooted need to over share. There is always a story brewing.

*This post was originally published on October 28, 2013*
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17 Replies to “My Daughter’s Boring Chronic Illness

  1. I get it. I feel like I’m in my own little homeschooling/special needs bubble. Sarah can’t handle crowds for a long period of time and when she decides she’s had enough, we go. Leaving with a screaming five year old is tough. So, like you I blog. Because then people can chose to read or ignore it and I don’t know the difference. Comments help because I know someone cares, just a bit.

  2. Oh my friend, you are alone but not lonely. I am so thankful for this online community where we build stronger friendships than with our neighbors. Our children do isolate us, we need to find a way for our time. Even if it is just a 15 minute walk outside. Sending hugs!

  3. So glad you’ve found a place where you can ‘talk’ without worrying that you are boring someone. It is surprising and disappointing how quickly people tire of us when our life is not entertaining enough for them. Hugs.

  4. We are much newer to this chronic illness life than you, but I get it. I do. I even get tired of talking about Amber’s condition, and I’m sure people get tired of hearing about it. Especially the people we are around a lot. But then someone new will ask why Amber can’t participate and there is the whole explanation. Then someone honestly wants to know how she’s doing that particular day and someone else wants to know what we are talking about. It gets old. Then again, it’s the life we lead. Constantly checking Amber’s vitals, constantly looking at food labels and making her special food. I feel at times that it is all I have to offer in life anymore.

    1. Christy, I’m sure you have so very much to offer! Your blog is full of all kinds of information! You are making a great contribution to homeschoolers and people living with conditions like Amber’s. Plus you are educating the uninformed and fostering awareness, tolerance and understanding for individuals with chronic illness! You are awesome!

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