NY Senate Passes Emergency Medical Marijuana



I am thrilled beyond thrilled that the NYS Senate passed the bills to expedite the use of emergency medical marijuana (50 to 12) for critically ill people, including children and epilepsy is on the list of eligible illnesses!!

Last month the assembly version passed 130 to 18

But we still have a little bit of work to do.

Governor Cuomo still needs to sign the bills into action.

Hopefully, it will happen quickly.  About one year ago, Gov, Cuomo urged the Health Commissioner to do everything within his power to get medical marijuana to children suffering from epilepsy as soon as possible.

Tragically, since the governor made that statement at least four children who could have benefited from medical marijuana have passed away.

I am now asking all NYS residents to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  call 518-474-8390 and tell the governor to sign A.7060 and S.5086

It will only take a minute out of your busy day to make a phone call that could potentially help improve the quality of life for my daughter, Bethany and countless others!

Your call could even save lives!

So please be Bethany’s champion and hero…make that call today!!


Thank You all so much!!!

To see why this issue is so important to us please read Help Bethany Get Access to Medical Marijuana and Bethany’s Brain Tumor Diagnosis.
For more information please go to Compassionate Care NY and The Drug Policy Alliance
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