Reasons Our Children Are Crying


Recently, I have noticed the many mom bloggers who have been publishing the popular post, “Reasons My Son/Daughter is Crying” all over the internet.

Please don’t get me wrong. I harbor no animosity toward those who have published these posts I know these posts are meant to be cute, funny, harmless, and innocent. I really am happy that these healthy children are crying over trivial, silly issues and benign problems such as, “My mommy won’t let me have another lollipop,” My mommy won’t let me bite my brother,” or “My belly button has fuzz in it!”

But, there are so very many sick and hurting children whom I have become very fond of and attached to who are crying over much graver and more serious issues and we moms are weeping right along with them. Some of these sick children may never, ever get any better this side of heaven. My own daughter, Bethany most likely included. You can read more about her story here. We wish with all our hearts that our children were only crying over spilled milk!

Let me tell you about some of the reasons our children are crying.

Bethany has cried because she had the worst headache anyone could ever imagine. She has cried because she had to have brain surgery to remove a very large tumor from her cerebellum. She has cried because she had to have her lower back cut open (again) with nothing but a topical pain killer applied so that a brain fluid drainage tube could be snaked up her spine into her brain. She has cried because she had to have her fourth spinal tap done. Bethany has cried because she had a stroke and lost some of her vision. She has cried because she has had thousands of seizures over the past twelve years. Beth is crying because after going over six months without having one seizure, it looks like she is having them again.

Tiara cries because she has Tuberous Sclerosis. She has breathing issues, brain tumors, and seizures. She just spent a two week stay at the hospital where she was having breathing problems and needed to be on a ventilator. She also needed dialysis treatments because her kidneys began to shut down.

Baby Connor has cried because he also has tuberous sclerosis. He’s endured numerous medical procedures and symptoms of tuberous sclerosis, including tumors and seizures.

Trevy and Cully have cried because they both have Infantile Spasms, a devastating and catastrophic form of epilepsy.

Peyton has numerous undiagnosed conditions and health concerns which mimic Dandy Walker Syndrome and Brittle Bone disease but aren’t. Currently, she has been in the hospital for more than three weeks because of unknown infections either in her bones or elsewhere. Yet another condition has recently been discovered. Her bones are breaking for no apparent reason.

A bone in her leg actually broke in a new spot while in a cast for another break! Her parents are afraid to touch her for fear of breaking her bones! Imagine having the overwhelming desire to hug and comfort your sick and hurting child and not being able to because you might break her!
 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps5d499682.jpg

Boo is also undiagnosed. Her mother calls her a medical enigma! These are some of the issues she has dealt with: GERD/Allergic to all formulas, Larngolmalacia, Aegis of the Corpus Callosum, Genetic abnormality never seen before, Aspiration, Hypotonia, Pulmonary Edema, and Global developmental delay (severe).

CJ is a little boy that has way too much in common with Bethany. He had a brain tumor, a diffuse fibrillary astrocytoma, grade II to be exact. He has also been diagnosed with autism, seizures, and a mood disorder.

Sweet little Gavin isn’t crying anymore but his parents are because he just went to heaven.

I am pleading with all my blogging friends to pray for these beautiful, sick, and hurting children. Please visit their websites and get to know them and see for yourselves why they cry.

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34 Replies to “Reasons Our Children Are Crying

  1. I have been praying for little Peyton; can’t even imagine!
    There are so many children in this world who are suffering, and yet their parents find reasons to be thankful — that is my inspiration this week.

  2. Sylvia, I am reading your post and getting goosebumps. My heart is breaking as again I read about Bethany’s struggles and then move on to the other children who are crying. And then I see my Boo mentioned. Thank you, thank you, thank you for seeking prayers in her name.
    You are so correct. We WISH our children would cry over spilled milk. Or that we knew for sure why they are crying at all.
    And the moms (and dads and siblings) who cry because our loved one is hurting and there is nothing we can do to ‘fix’ their pain. Even the treatment, meant to help instead hurts.
    Thank you, my friend. Thank you for being a beacon of light and a source of comfort.

    1. I get irritated too, but only because I’m jealous that my Bethany struggles so much. They don’t mean any harm or disrespect. They just don’t realize how many sick children there really are in this world!

    1. They aren’t making fun of anyone. It’s just that there are some kids out there who are crying for sad and serious reasons. Thanks for praying, I really appreciate that!

  3. Sylvia – I wish I could meet you in person and give you the biggest hug of my life. I just read this entire post aloud to my family — it gave us perspective on our day. It made the crying over “math being too hard” seem like NOTHING (which it is!).

    I pray for your Bethany each and every day – and I pray for your family as you live with this new normal.

    Blessings to you, my friend.

    1. Aw! Thanks, Mary! I wish we could meet you guys too! We would love to go walking in the woods, and build lego creations with you guys! Maybe someday! I have to admit that we do our fair share of whining over math and other trivial things too! We are human after all! Hugs right back at ya!

    1. Oh my Goodness, Becky! I didn’t make the connection that you were Connor’s Mom! I only knew you as Mixed up mommy!! How could I ever exclude Connor! I love him!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! Stopping by to visit you and fell upon this post. My heart breaks for this kids and the parents/families. My healthy 17 month old cries (tantrums) many times through out the day and it can be frustrating, so sadly I am one of those who take the crying for granted and just find it stressful and even “annoying”at times, but this is an eye-opener, and now when she cries I will try to remember these children and all the children that are crying because they are in real pain due to medical conditions that may or may not be curable/fixable. Praying for them all and their families! If you would like feel free to add your Pray for Bethany button to my blog (sponsorship info tab, scroll to swap and you can just put your button on my blog without us having to do a swap). Now following you on Bloglovin’

    Jackie @ The Non-Martha Momma

    1. Thank you so much for coming over and praying for our kids, Jackie. this post wasn’t really meant to insinuate that parents are insensitive or anything like that. I get annoyed about trivial things that don’t really matter lot’s of times. My 14 yr old daughter’s tantrums and inconvenient behaviors still annoy the heck out of me too, even though I know she can’t help it really. I’ll definitely swap buttons some time later today!

  5. Thank you for bringing awareness to children in serious need of prayer. I’ve been following along with you and with Peyton’s story, and it’s just incredible how much God has moved my heart to pray regarding these kids in pain.

  6. Many times as parents, we lose sight and sensitivity towards children who cry for a reason, and look at the humor instead. Thank you for showing a different perspective, and as always, B is in my prayers.

  7. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the trivial things in life, and forget about people who truly are suffering – thank you for this reminder! Many prayers for all of the children you wrote about and any other children suffering as well!

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