Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog LinkUp

special needs and homeschooling blog linkup

special needs and homeschooling blog linkup
Welcome to the Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog LinkUp, the safe place for those affected by special needs and/or homeschoolers to share, support and encourage one another! I’m so glad you stopped by!

This linkUp opens every Friday at 5:00 a.m. and closes every Friday at 1:00 a.m. US eastern Standard time!
purple divider - Copy - CopyWe’ve had another awesome week here in Paradise! Bethany has been happy and active.

William even got Jeremiah off the computer and out and about town to buy supplies for the Coke and Mentos experiment, which we did catch on video!!

We also had a surprise birthday party for our son Nate, who turned 25. Now that’s really hard to believe!  All my kids are getting so old!

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I met my new granddaughter, Sophie via Skype. She is absolutely adorable if I do say so myself. I’m very excited that my son and his family are planning to come up on August first for Rachel’s graduation/going away party and I’ll finally  get to hold her! Sullivan is a very proud big bro and seems to think his new sister is pretty cute too!

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Rachel was in Georgia this week for her pre-job training, so we got a little taste of what life will be like around here with both of our older girls gone.

Rebekah is very happy that she finally got a job yesterday! I’m so glad because she was getting a little bored and a lot lonely just sitting around her apartment all day. She is a real people person and that was worrying me.

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I took Bethany to her Autism Movement Therapy class at Flash club on Sunday all by myself and we had no drama! As we were leaving she told me she had to go to the bathroom, but refused to use the YMCA’s  bathroom! She insisted that she could only pee at Dunkin Donuts which is our usual practice!!!

Kristin took Bethany to visit Rebekah again yesterday. We hadn’t told her ahead of time that she was going just in case something went wrong with our plan, yet for some reason Bethany had been talking about a surprise and we are wondering if she sensed something was up. Who knows?

This time when Kristin arrived, Bethany was ecstatic with the surprise and jumped right up to get ready when we told her of our plans and out the door she went without hesitation.  She was very happy to see Rebekah and had fun being silly, dancing, and playing Candy Land, but when they took her to the park to eat lunch and ride the carousel, she wouldn’t or couldn’t get out of the car which is a shame because she had been asking to ride it for several days and you all know how much she loves riding the horses.  After Bethany arrived home, I asked her why she didn’t want to ride the carousel and she told me she was waiting for the seizures to go away.

And I think that just about sums up our week!

I’ll still be posting a video or two here at the LinkUp, but rather than trying to cram them all in here every week, I’ve decided to post our M-F vlogs in a separate Saturday post from now on.  If you’re interested in seeing what we’ve been up to each week you can watch them there or subscribe to our You Tube channel to keep updated. Thanks to you, Mary and Beth for subscribing!!!

Bethany’s trip to visit Rebekah last week!!

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In case you’re interested:

  • As you all know I’ve been filming our daily lives and Bethany loves watching herself on You Tube.  I think it’s really cool that she’ll have all these videos to help her remember Malcolm and I after we are gone. This got me to thinking about how I want to leaver her with happy memories of fun times with us. I was also thinking about how seeing herself being happy, cooperative, and behaving appropriately just might have a positive impact on her future behavior.  I was excited when I found  a book precisely about just that at the library!  Read all about it at Video Self Modeling: Teaching Special Kids Using Video
  • We also discuss how we are preparing and making plans for Bethany’s future without us at Special needs Future Planning

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9 Replies to “Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog LinkUp

  1. After I read this post, all I could think to say is what an awesome mom you are! Look at all the different levels and areas of your children’s lives you were in just this week, and you do it every week! And then at the end you can think about how Bethany will be after you and your husband are gone. You are just amazing and are such an inspiration to me. (I love the name Malcolm, BTW.)

  2. Congrats on your new granddaughter, I bet you can’t wait to hold her!!

    Sounds like all positive things have been happening! 🙂 I’m sorry to hear that Bethany couldn’t ride the carousel because of seizures though. That stinks. 🙁

  3. Congratulations on the new Granddaughter and congratulations to Rebekah on the new job.

    I can’t wait for that bill to be signed. I know it will help her so much. I am glad she was able to explain that it was the seizures.

    1. Thanks Chris. Unfortunately, the rumor is that if he had any real intention of signing it, he would have already. Plus, I think he only has 30 days to sign it and those 30 days are just about up. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with people who don’t care if children suffer. I believe 2 more children have died here who might have benefited from it.

  4. Congratulations on the new granddaughter! You had such a lovely, positive week. Everyone sounds like they enjoyed life this week. It’s too bad Bethany didn’t get to ride her horses, but at least she explained why later. I’m glad Rebekah has a job too. It can be hard at home alone when she’s used to more people. Have another great week!

    1. Thanks Christy. Yes, we really have been on a roll of happiness the last couple of weeks! I hope it continues. Beth woke up excited and happy today (Sunday) again because it’s Club day!!

  5. We’ve done the Methos experiment numerous times. A quick way to go through a bottle of soda, huh? LOL Mythbusters also did a thing on it too…How sweet! A new grandbaby! I bet you were SUPER excited to see her! Good to read that Bethany is having some good days!

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