Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog LinkUp: Moving Right Along

Special needs and/or homeschooling blog link up

Special needs and homeschooling blog linkup

Welcome to the Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog LinkUp! I’m so glad you came!  I love hearing from old and new friends each week! This is the safe place for those affected by special needs and/or homeschoolers to share, support, and encourage one another! Please share your awesome and unique story with us!!

This linkup opens every Friday at 1:00 a.m. and closes every Monday at 1:00 a.m. US Eastern time!

purple divider - Copy - CopyThis week we have been excitedly looking forward to my son, Josiah’s and his fiancee, Katy’s wedding which is tomorrow!!
K & J
gift card shopping

We also took Bethany shopping, this week,  so she could pick out something to spend her birthday gift card on. The only thing in the whole store that she was interested in buying was a new copy of Stuart Little to replace her old broken one.  

Since her purchase was only five dollars,  a few days later, I asked her if she wanted to go shopping again with the remaining funds. Her response was, “No. I already had my birthday!”

So since she has been asking for a mini DVD player,  Malcolm and I made an executive decision and used her remaining funds plus a little more to purchase one and we also found her a copy of Stuart Little 2.

Beth has also been hard at work this week practicing her Yoga poses, studying rhyming words and making bead necklaces with a jewelry kit that she received from a You Tube fan. yoga rhymes

Jeremiah has been continuing to cooperate with his studies. He spent last weekend at Rebekah’as. They had a blast going to William’s soccer game, eating out, and shopping for wedding clothes!

Rebekah and William are settling into married college life. Rebekah has decided that working full time and going to school full time is pretty darn hard!! to that I say, “Welcome to adult life, Honey!!”

12068688_10153767481756694_2142075357338339270_o 12138400_10153770796941694_5977415471865939308_o Rachel seems to be a bit of a celebrity in her new country. Everywhere she goes, random strangers want to have their picture taken with her. She joked that she was going to start an album titled, Pictures With Random Strangers, but I think it’s a great idea!!

Random Strangers
Random Strangers

She went on two camping trips. On the first one she got to experience the fun of a typhoon and crabs in her tent. The second one was a school field trip. The food they brought along was three live chickens!! 12072658_10156195247640725_278925353561709055_n12087685_10156195251485725_284449173821913361_oI am going to close now with links to my other posts this week and one last video! I hope you all had a wonderfully awesome week!

In case you missed them:

  • It annoys me to no end when people take the pain and suffering of someone else to extol the super spiritual lessons they have learned from an illness or other misfortune that is not their own. It irks me even more so, when parents use the pain and suffering of their children to show off to the world just how super spiritually superior they are to their peers who have not had a child with a life threatening illness or disability. Nothing quite says, “I Love You and Care About You” like declaring that your loved one’s cancer (or whatever other horrible circumstance) is a gift and a blessing! Please continue reading at: Super Spiritualizing Someone Else’s Suffering
  • Despite this very real and documented cause, my husband and I have been accused many times by many ignorant people of turning her into a spoiled, rotten brat because we do not “make” her behave… Whether or not you want to call it a mental health disorder, a neurological disorder, an extreme variation of normal, bad behavior or even ADHD, I believe it is impossible to ignore the fact that many children and adults battle with a set of symptoms that are commonly known as and labled as ADHD and these symptoms are wreaking havoc in their lives Please continue reading at The Controversy of ADHD over at the Firefly Garden Blog!
  • As I was sitting in that darkened auditorium delightedly watching Rebekah’s dance recital, the three and four year old little cuties skipped onto stage to perform their adorable little dance and I thought to myself, “Those kids are the same age as Bethany!” It was then that it suddenly hit me like a ton of vicious bricks and my heart sank. It was at that exact moment, that I realized Bethany might never be able to join a dance class. In fact, that moment was the first time I realized that Bethany might never be able to do a lot of things and I began to sob right there in the auditorium. Read the whole story at: What if…My Daughter had Never had a Brain Tumor?

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