Super Sweet Blogging Award!


Jessy from A Great Balancing Act, was “sweet” enough to include my blog in her list of nominees for the, Super Sweet Blogging Award! Thanks you so much for thinking of me, Jessy!

Now, according the rules I’ll need to pick 13 other sweet bloggers and answer the Super Sweet Questionnaire below!

Super Sweet Questionnaire

1. Cookies or cake? both?
I am definitely not a cake person.  So I guess it’s cookies, although it’s a rare occasion that I even eat them!  I might if someone offers me one, but I rarely ever make or buy cookies at all!

2. Chocolate or vanilla?
It depends on what the treat is!  I’d rather have vanilla ice cream but I love chocolate candy!  My favorite ice cream is actually vanilla with any kind of chocolate candy in it!

3. Favorite Sweet Treat?
See # 2!

4. When do you crave sweet treats the most?
I crave sweets the most when I’m giving up sugar for a time.  Lately we’ve been using only xylitol for sweetening things up!

5. Sweet nickname?  I had several nick names growing up.  Syl, Silly, and Sylvatine, (When I was really little my mother called me this combination of my first and middle names- Sylvia Christine.) At school the kids began calling me Mummpy Mumford (my last name) after I got the mumps!

I know many sweet blogs and bloggers but the rules say I must only pick 13!
My super sweet 13 nominees are:
1) Betty Jo from Still Learning Something New
2) Kerri from Undiagnosed But Okay
3) Kristi from Finding Ninee
4) Tiffani from Tiffani Goff at Home
5) Becky from Mixed Up Mommy
6) Jennifer from Money Aches
7) Camille from A Sorta Fairy Tale
8) Shelley from Three Boys Blessed
9) Karissa from A Fresh Start on a Budget
10) Christy from The Unexpected Homeschool
11) Phyllis from On the Mend
12) Barbara from My Life as an Adventure
13) Brian from Cully Gage

I’ll be contacting everyone on this list some time soon!

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