Thankful Thursday

I recently read Ten Reasons You can Homeschool and Stop Telling Me Why You Can’t Homeschool over at Home Grown Learners.

Mary’s posts served to remind me of how grateful and thankful I am and what a privilege it has been for me to have been a stay at home mom. This has made it much easier for me to homeschool all my children non-stop for 29 years now!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine way back in 1984 that I would still be homeschooling 29 years later or that I would give birth to seven more children!

Through the years we have seen the number of families homeschooling grow by leaps and bounds. We’ve seen the Homeschool Legal Defense Association accomplish amazing feats, set precedents, win cases, and change homeschooling laws all for the betterment of the movement!

My family has personally homeschooled through the challenges of several home births, rebellious teens, deaths of grandparents, unemployment, underemployment, poverty, catastrophic illness, bankruptcy, and marital tension!

I am truly grateful that through it all my husband has never asked me to put the kids in school or get a job. I have ALWAYS since I was a little girl just wanted to have a lot of kids and stay home with them.

I’ve never wanted to have a career outside of taking care of my family, and so today I am very thankful to my husband for supporting me in my stay at home home schooling adventures and for financially supporting all of us!

I am also truly thankful to God for the privilege of being able to realize all my homeschooling hopes and dreams!

Photo credit: Stuart Miles
Photo credit: Stuart Miles

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