Thankful Thursday

I’m hard pressed to find something to be thankful for on this Thursday. I’m tired, I’m crabby, I’m disillusioned, and I’m depressed.

I’m not very happy about this record breaking cold spring we’re experiencing.
But I am thankful for all the beautiful songbirds that I can hear singing everyday!
The cold temperatures don’t seem to be bothering them and we have a beautiful Rose Breasted Grosbeak this year!

Photo Credit: "Chirp USA+" iPad App.
Photo Credit: “Chirp USA+” iPad App.

I am not happy that Bethany doesn’t want me to go outside.
But I am thankful that she will go outside with me to help hang up clothes to dry on the clothesline.
beth helps

I am looking forward to my son’s wedding this Saturday.
I am thankful that Bethany’s respite worker agreed to stay with her so we could go!
But I really would much rather be able to take Bethany with us to the event.
I’m feeling sad that she has to be left out even though I know she wouldn’t enjoy it anyway.
I’m also little apprehensive about leaving her with her respite worker-her beloved Mary- for a very long time.
It’s a FIVE hour drive just to get there.
We’ll stay for a couple of hours then jump back into the car for the five hour ride back home again.
We’ve never left Bethany home alone without a sibling before.
And it’s not like we’ll be able to hurry back home if there’s an emergency.

I would definitely appreciate prayers concerning this matter!!

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4 Replies to “Thankful Thursday

  1. I pray that things will go smoothly and Bethany will do fine while you are gone. And I pray that you will truly enjoy your time at your son’s wedding. Bless you

    1. I too had a rough start this morning. It was difficult to find something to be happy about when a family member has been recently diagnosed with cancer and my younger brother with autism was feeling especially picky about breakfast.

      Then I went outside to empty the compost. There had been a storm the night before and everything was in shambles. But I looked up and took a peek at the dove that had been nesting in a plant pot attached to our back deck for a few weeks now. Suddenly a few furry heads poked up from under the dove, her chicks had hatched!

      Anyway it sure brightened my day to see new life and hear the wonderful song that accompanied it. I felt I had to write because you mentioned how birdsong had cheered you up a bit too.

      Have a wonderful day!


      1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you did. That must have been somethin’ seeing those baby birds! I’ll pray for your relative with cancer and your brother. I hope the day improves for you!

  2. URGH I feel your stress and heartache. Focus on the thankful wedding. I hate leaving Boo and you are right a 5 hour drive is a test of mommy skills. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and can for just a bit relax.

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