Thankful Thursday 9/19/13

Today I’m thankful that despite needing to be forced to take a shower, despite her pushing me across the room into the dresser with her feet, and despite repeatedly smacking Malcolm, Bethany behaved like an angel at her neurology appointment. Even the doctor noticed and commented on that fact!


The only disappointment about this trip was that Bethany refused to visit at my nieces house for more than about fifteen minutes. But that’s nothing new, really! You’d think that after trying and failing repeatedly to visit with my niece after Bethany’s neurology appointments that I’d stop trying, but I guess I’m just a die hard optimist and positive thinker! Maybe someday we’ll actually be able to stay for dinner!

Speaking of positive thinking…Jeremiah and I have been studying Numbers 13 this week. This chapter tells of the twelve spies that God had Moses send into explore the land of Canaan. Ten men came back with a discouraging and defeated attitude. They recommended not trying to take the land. They had seen giants and were afraid. Only Joshua and Caleb trusted that God was greater than the giant problem. They believed that the children of Israel should and could take over the land of Canaan.

In reality,  I fall victim to my own negative thinking far more often than I want to or should. All too often I sabotage my success with a negative and defeated attitude. I think my problems are too much for me to handle. This happens when I focus on my problems rather than on God. I forget that God is bigger than all my problems! I forget that He can do anything!

If I spent more time praising and worshiping God rather than just whining to Him, then I believe I’d be able to face all my problems with a more positive and less defeated, fearful attitude.

Numbers 14:9- The Lord is with us. Fear them not!

Inspiration for this post was taken from a commentary on Numbers 13 in The Joyce Meyer Every Day Life Bible.

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3 Replies to “Thankful Thursday 9/19/13

  1. I’ve also learned that after an appointment, I’m best to go straight home and I make sure I have nothing planned for the afternoon. I try to make all appointments for the morning if I can.

  2. Yay for small victories! Maybe she’s getting used to adding the visit into her routine. I’m a positive thinker too, I can’t imagine going through life just being negative all the time.

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