Sharing Our Story!

It’s a new year and for the sake of new people visiting here and over at our YouTube Channel, I thought I’d go over Bethany’s diagnoses and why I started sharing our story in the first place

Sharing our story
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Many of you may already know that my now 17 year old daughter, Bethany, was diagnosed with a very large and life  threatening pilocytic astrocytoma, a brain tumor, when she was just two years old.

It was almost too late for her on that deceptively beautiful, warm November morning when she was finally correctly diagnosed.

She was actually in grave danger of dying…soon!

We were rushed to a nearby hospital that was equipped to perform the brain surgery that would ultimately save her life.

Unfortunately, Bethany’s brain shifted about a quarter of an inch during the surgery, tearing blood vessels along with it as it fell. This caused a traumatic brain injury, stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, blood clotting in her brain, and multiple permanent disabilities.

During her recovery from the surgery, Bethany had to learn how to do everything she had previously learned and accomplished, all over again.

She couldn’t sit up, feed herself, use her right arm and leg, stand, walk, or even talk.

Ever since the surgery, Bethany has suffered with debilitating seizures. She has also been diagnosed with partial blindness, epilepsy, autism, and moderate developmental delays. She actually kind of got stuck as a two year old for the most part.

Bethany also suffers with occasional aggressive outbursts and she sometimes gets paranoid and runs off when she feels threatened, disappointed, or depressed.

Her fight or flight response can be intense!

And although, she has not been officially diagnosed, we also strongly suspect that she has bi-polar disorder as well.

So now we are striving and admittedly sometimes struggling to find happiness amidst our ordinary, everyday, precious, little moments as we embrace the challenges caused by a brain tumor, brain injury, autism, and epilepsy one day at a time with faith, hope, and love!

Which brings me to why I named this blog and our YouTube channel, Faith, Hope, and Love…

I chose those three phenomenal little words because I have FAITH in God, HOPE in what Jesus did for all of us on that cross and LOVE because I believe we should love everyone just as Jesus does!

I also chose those three phenomenal little words because I had to muster up a ton of FAITH when, Bethany was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor.  I was forced to put my HOPE in the surgeons who performed her life saving surgery, and LOVE is what has gotten us through the many trials and tribulations that we’ve all gone through!

And so I began sharing our story, putting our lives out there, via our blog and daily vlogs, in the hopes that we just might  inspire others who are going through similar circumstances to search for something, no matter how small it may be, to be happy and joyful about in the midst of sadness, disappointment, and despair.

If you would like to read more about Bethany’s harrowing ordeal with a life threatening brain tumor, please click on Brain Tumor Diagnosis!

If you would like to see our daily vlogs, please click on this link to our You Tube Channel! And don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!
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Happy New Year everyone!

May your new year be blessed with many happy, extraordinary moments as well as may joyful ordinary, everyday, precious, little moments!

I’m hoping and praying that this will be your and our best year yet!!

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