10 Creative Arts Therapy Ideas

The idea behind Creative Arts Therapy is that it can heal the mind, body and spirit.

Participants who might have a difficult time communicating how they feel with words can often express themselves easily through their art, be it drawing, painting, drama, writing, music or dance.

Evidence strongly suggests that involvement in Creative Arts Therapy can reduce stress and anxiety and calm fears.

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Sadly however, studies show that implementing art therapies to treat various physical and mental illnesses  is often overlooked when creating treatment plans for patients.

And that’s a shame, because art therapy has been proven effective in treating aids patients, those with chronic illness, mental illness, depression, sex addiction, grief, cancer, physical disabilities, autism, epilepsy, traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, abuse victims, and even compulsive gambling.

If you or someone you know could benefit from art therapy but it has not been prescribed by a doctor, your insurance won’t pay for it, or you can’t find a therapist nearby never fear, because all is not lost!

You can still reap some of the benefits of art therapy by creating your own at home art therapy plan!

Below are ten easy and inexpensive ideas for creating your own individualized art therapy program.

  1. Enroll in community art classes.

You can see in the photos below, my daughter Bethany enjoying her group art therapy class.

We are so grateful that our local art store offers individual and group art classes for people with autism.

2. Get involved in a local theater group.

3. Check out the internet for some creative writing ideas.

4. Purchase a bunch of art supplies and create something awesome!

5. Learn to play an instrument.

6. Buy an inexpensive Origami set.

7. Get yourself some adult coloring books and markers and color your worries away.

8. Take classes at your local craft shop!

9. Learn how to sew, crochet or knit.

10. Search Youtube for tutorials on the creative arts! You can learn how to do just about anything on Youtube! The possibilities are endless!

Last summer I stumbled upon junk journaling tutorials on Youtube and have been hooked ever since!

Creating beautiful journals to record my thoughts, feelings and what’s been going on in my life has become a very effective way for me to cope with depression and chronic pain!

Now, go and have fun creating!

*Disclaimer. I am not a licensed art therapist. I make no claims that participating in any of the above activities are a cure for any physical or mental illness or disability.

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