18 Fun Thinking Games That Will Make You Use Your Noggin!!

fun thinking games

In my attempts to engage my special needs daughter, Bethany in meaningful learning activities, I’ve accumulated quite the extensive collection of fun thinking games that make her use her noggin.

I can honestly say that consistently playing  these mind engaging games with her has decreased the amount of time that  she automatically resorts to her default mode of doing  nothing but watch videos.   
fun thinking games
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purple divider - Copy - CopyWhile I do believe that spending time playing any type of game with Bethany is far superior than allowing her to vegetate on the couch watching Barney all day, I also believe that our time together could be better spent than playing mindless board games where all we do is roll the dice and move our game pieces that much closer to the finish line!

I want Bethany’s game playing  experiences to engage her brain, challenge her mind, and force her to put on her thinking cap before she makes her next move!

And just in case some of you out there might also be interested in playing these types of games with your kids but don’t know where to begin, I’ve collected all of our brain building games in one place here today for your viewing pleasure.

Playing any one of these games will surely give your child’s brain a vigorous workout!.

Some will help develop problem solving skills, sharpen critical thinking skills, spark creative thinking, and teach colors, shapes, categorizing, matching and pattern rcognition.

Others will work on eye-hand coordination, visual-spatial thinking, and fine motor skills.

Others still, will encourage goal setting, develop patience, and boost self confidence!

But perhaps best of all, while all that healthy brain cell building is going on, you and your child will be spending quality fun time together!

Be sure to watch the video at the end of this post!  I do  an unboxing of each game and Bethany demonstrates how to play a few of them, too!

Below are 18 Bethany Approved Fun Thinking Games!

1) SuperMind gives practice in spatial relationships, shape recognition, and problem-solving skills.Super Mind

2) Cat Rat Bat Splat  works on matching skills, visual thinking, and turn taking.

Cat Rat Bat Splat

3) Blik-Blok boosts visual thinking skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Blik Blok

4) Stare Junior Board Game trains visual memory skills and turn taking.

Stare Junior Board Game

5) Q-bitz and Q-Bitz Solo gives a workout in spacial recognition, organizational skills, critical thinking and problem solving.


6) Shapes Up develops spatial-thinking skills, critical thinking skills and teaches some colors and shapes.

Shapes Up

7) Pixy Cubes develops agility, visual perception, memory and creativity.

Pixy Cubes

8) I Spy Find It Fast Game encourages visual recognition skills, quick thinking, cooperative play.

I Spy Find It Fast

9) Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game teaches problem solving, critical thinking, eye-hand coordination, matching, and finding patterns.

Mental Blox

10) Yahtzee teaches turn taking, counting, sequencing, and finding patterns.


11) Cube Puzzles help strengthen eye-hand coordination, gross and fine motor skills, memory, problem solving, setting goals, and patience.

Cube Puzzles

12) Dizios develops pattern recognition, spacial recognition, planning, problem solving skills, and turn taking.


13) Color Code helps develop logic and spatial reasoning skills.

Color Code

14) Riddle Cube develops spatial reasoning skills, builds problem-solving skills, and encourages good sportsmanship.

Riddle Cube

15) Imaginets works on fine motor skills, problem solving, and visual thinking skills.


16) Picture Perfect encourages color identification, matching, hand-eye coordination, patterning skills, and helps develop fine motor development.

Picture Perfect

17) Pattern Play provides a tactile experience that develops fine motor skills and spatial relationships, finding patterns,  matching, problem solving, creative thinking, and early math concepts.

Pattern Play

18) Sort & Match Flower Pot  teaches color matching, shape matching and pattern recognition and strengthens fine motor skills.

Flower Pot Sort and Match

For even more brain boosting fun checkout these other awesome games!

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  1. Your resource round ups are such a gift to families. I’m tempted to buy some for when our grandkids are old enough to play them. thanks for adding your post to DifferentDream.com’s Tuesday special needs link share.

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