4 Fun Critical Thinking Games for Little Ones!

critical thinking games

So, just what are critical thinking games and why are they important for our kids’ development?

First off, let me just say that critical thinking is the ability to analyze a situation and form an opinion or solution to a problem.

Playing games that require kids to really think about what they need to do will develop and sharpen their ability to identify an issue or problem, evaluate information, make decisions, and finally take some kind of action!

And when parents get involved and play critical thinking games along with their children, developing their brains isn’t the only benefit their kids will reap!

Playing games with our kids also gives us the opportunity to spend quality time together connecting as a family!

My daughter, Bethany, loves to play games!

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Some of her favorite games are what I consider to be mindless games like Trouble and Candy Land.

Now, don’t get me wrong!

We have a lot of fun playing “mindless” games and they definitely have their place in our lives!

Like when she wants to play a game late at night and my brain is tired and frazzled!

But when I want her brain to be a little bit challenged, I get out her favorite critical thinking games.

Some games are competitive.

We play them together, each taking our turn.

But some of her games are just for one person.

For those, I just sit down beside her and watch her go to work, offering help only if requested!

But whatever type of game we play,  we are spending quality time having fun together!

Below are 4 critical thinking games that have all been a favorite of Bethany’s at one time or another!

Check them out!

Mental Blox Jr.

Q-bitz Jr.

Set Junior Board Game

Pattern Blocks

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