5 Fascinating Sensory Gift Ideas

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There is not a person alive who doesn’t process information through a whole bunch of sensory systems that our bodies are equipped with.

Each and every one of us has a different system to process what we see (visual); what we hear (auditory); what we smell (olfactory; what we taste (gustatory); what we feel (tactile); how our bodies move in space (vestibular);  how are bodies experience sensations from our muscles and joints (proprioceptive); and how we process what our internal organs are feeling like hunger, thirst, heart rate, respiration, elimination and our sense of well being (the oft neglected interoceptive system).

Some have no problems processing the information that comes through their sensory systems, but others don’t process that information very well and their bodies become confused.

We can become overloaded and overwhelmed by bombarding sensory information and need to calm down while others can’t seem to get enough sensory input and crave continuous stimulation of one kind or another!

Then following items are all what I would consider to have a calming effect on individuals who may need to retreat from constant sensory assaults.

On the other hand, however, they may also be stimulating for those who crave more visual and or auditory stimulation.

I think these items just might make a great addition to your  sensory room or the bedroom of an autistic individual.

Check out the videos and click the links or images below to get a more detailed look at each item!!

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1) Deluxe Jelly fish Aquarium– On sale now for $69.99- offers all the beauty of a salt water aquarium without the care and feeding of animals!!
2)Indoor Waterfall Light Show

3) LED Volcano Lamp– Only $20.99- A calming visual item!

4) Laser Light & Music Show for $77.99 Create your own light up music show!

5) Twilight Turtle– On sale now for $32.95- This little guy projects a soothing and calming blue, green, and amber starry night light effect onto any ceiling! Click the image to check it out!

*(A version of this post was first published in November 2013.)

I am not a professional counselor, psychologist, therapist, or teacher. Therefore the information, recommendations, referrals, and/or advice contained within this blog are my own opinions and should not to be construed as professional recommendations, advice, or treatment or any kind.

I make no guarantees that any product or book  I recommend or advice that I may suggest will cure your child of any special need, disability, illness, or learning difference.

Always check with your doctor before embarking on new treatment plans or following suggestions from others. I will not be liable for any damages, deaths, injuries, or other mishaps that may result from following any advice contained within this blog.

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