6 Disability Gadgets I can’t Live Without

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Severe spinal stenosis and arthritis have been slowly eating away at my ability to be independent.

Pain and a significantly diminished range of motion in my legs are making life a little difficult for me.

It took me a while to accept the fact that there are many things that I just cannot do for myself anymore.

However, after doing a little online research, I found a few handy, dandy disability gadgets that have changed my life and have given me back a small measure of independence!
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6 Handy Disability Gadgets That Have Made Life Easier For Me


  1. Sock Aid Flexible Device: I can no longer reach my own feet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t put on my own socks! This “sock putter onner” has been a most welcome little gadget! I no longer have to rely on someone else to help me put my socks on! I still need help taking them off, though and Bethany likes to help me with that!

  2. Grabber Reaching Aid: I can’t bend down to pick things up when I drop them, anymore either. But this “grabitron” has eliminated my need to constantly ask others to pick things up for me! It also doubles as a dressing aid, because I use it to grab and pull up my undies and pants, as well! (Sorry if that was TMI for you. But that’s one stark reality of living with my kind of disability!)

  3. Toilet Safety Rails : *Warning: more TMI!! Because of diminishing leg strength, it was becoming very painful, dangerous, and close to impossible for me to get myself on and off the toilet. So, in addition to installing a handicapped height toilet, my husband also installed toilet handles. These handles allow me to use my arm strength to slowly ease myself down onto the toilet rather than painfully plopping myself down onto it, risking injury in the process. They also come in handy for pushing myself up and off the toilet, which is a difficult task to accomplish with declining leg strength.

  4. Bathroom Grab Bar: Raising my legs up even just the few inches I needed to, to get into the shower became extremely difficult for me to do. Installing a handle similar to this one has made getting in and out of the shower safer and much easier!

  5. Shower Stool: I actually purchased this little stool for my daughter Bethany to use in the shower. She used to have so many seizures that standing in the shower was dangerous. This has made giving Bethany a shower safer for her and easier for me!

  6. Hand Held Shower Head Combo: My husband installed a handheld shower head much like this one to make giving Bethany a shower easier on me!

Do you have and handy, dandy, disability gadgets that have made life better for you?

Tell me about them in the comments below.

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6 Replies to “6 Disability Gadgets I can’t Live Without

  1. Hi, Sylvia, thanks for sharing this! I would like to share with you a couple of gadgets that have made my life much easier. The first is a baby monitor. No, I don’t have a baby. The monitor is used for me when I am in bed having seizures. My husband uses it to listen for me from his home office(which is on the opposite side of the house from our bedroom), so that if I need him, I can simply say his name and he’ll come running to help me. Also he can hear if my seizures worsen. The other must-have gadget used in my home is a padded karate helmet. That is kept by my bedside to be used when I am having seizures, but have to use the restroom. It has saved me from many possible injuries to my head and face!

  2. Hello Sylvia,
    Not sure if it will help you as much as it has helped me, but I have gotten relief from an in-home traction device. It looks like handle bars from a bike and you use your upper body strength to push against your legs to gently elongate spine. It is called the low back trak. It is available on qvc and amazon (cheaper on qvc when I checked). Under $50 at both.
    Glad you’ve found helpful hacks. Hope you find something that helps the pain!
    God bless!

  3. Sylvia–
    I sent you an important message on your FB, but since we’re not “friends” (lol) I’m not sure if you’ll receive it. Just wanted to give you a heads up!! 🙂
    (the girl who advocated for Yuri & Viktor)

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