Disappointment at the Carousel!

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Bethany loves riding carousels so it’s pretty lucky that we live not too far from the “Carousel Capital of the World!

The Binghamton area has earned this nickname because it is home to six beautiful antique carousels!

These carousels were donated to the city by Geroge F. Johnson of the Endicot Johnson Shoe Company with the stipulation they would be FREE to ride forever!!

So all summer long Bethany can ride any one of these lovely Merry-Go-Rounds as many times as she wants for free!

However, she prefers the one at C. Fed Johnson Park in Johnson City, which was actually the inspiration for a Twighlight Zone episode!

Lights on the carousel

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Bethany’s favorite carousel is also open every weekend in December for a Christmas run.

We’ve made it a sort of tradition to meet Rebekah and Willian there every December so they can all ride together!

Only last year, Bethany was in distress from losing her beloved aide, Kristin and didn’t want to.

Bethany and Kristin riding the Christmas Carousel in 2014!

Even though Bethany has been quite uncomfortable with Lyme Disease she was really looking forward to riding the carousel this year!

When the time came, she was extra excited because Jeremiah was also going with us!

After riding, we had plans to go to Rebekah’s apartment for a fun “ugly Christmas sweater” cookie decorating/pizza party!

Bethany was happy and upbeat all the way to Binghamton!

But when we got there she was a little disappointed that Rebekah and William weren’t there yet.

She could have ridden the first ride with daddy while we waited for them to arrive, but shewanted to wait for them.

It was while we were waiting that the trouble started!!

After everyone else boarded the carousel for the first ride of the evening, the lights went off!

It was such a pretty sight, all decorated up with Christmas trees and holiday lights!

But Bethany didn’t like the lightd being off!

She really wanted them to turn the lights back on, which they did when the ride was over.

It was at about that time that Rebekah and William arrived.

Everyone got in line for the second ride of the night, but there were so many people ahead of Bethany, Rebekah and that they had to wait through one more run for their turn to ride.

But, when everyone was safely on a horse the lights went out again!

And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Bethany!

She was so upset about the lights that she refused to ride and insisted that we leave, so we made our exit and headed off to Rebekah’s for our party!

Sadly, Bethany was so upset that she just could not enjoy the rest of the evening.

She refused to participate in our cookie decorating contest, preferring to wallow on the couch instead!

She even refused to play with Sophia the therapy hamster!

After all the cookies had been decorated and a winner had been chosen,  Bethany refused to wait any longer.

She decided to head out to the car on her own with Daddy diligently following close at her heels!

William quickly ordered the pizzas then he, Malcolm and Bethany went to fetch them.

When they got back, Bethany refused to get out of the car, so she and daddy waited there for the rest of us to finish eating then we headed back home!

Poor Daddy!!

Needless to say, it was a rather disappointing evening!

Although the rest of us enjoyed decorating cookies and having fun just being together, our fun was marred by Bethany’s behavior.

It’s hard to shake off that slight underlying feeling of sadness that Bethany could not let herself have fun!

Sometimes she just cannot help but sabotage her own happiness and it sucks!

And even though the rest of us can manage to still have fun when she acts like that, it always sucks a tiny bit of happiness away from us as well.

Because we all want so badly for Bethany to have a happy life!!

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