A Phillips Family Happy Easter 2017!

Happy Easter 2017

I have to admit, I was slightly worried that our Easter celebration was going to be a little disappointing and depressing this year.

First off, Rebekah and William had been planning a spring break mini-vacation in South Carolina, so for the very first time ever, they wouldn’t be joining us for Easter.

Secondly, Josiah and Katy were going to Katy’s parent’s house for Easter, so they wouldn’t be joining us either.

We had actually been invited to join Joe and Katy too, but since Bethany’s behavior has been less than stellar lately and she was also due to get her period the day before Easter, we decided not to tempt fate and declined their very kind invitation.
happy Easter 2017
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As luck would have it, when Bethany woke up bright and early Easter morning she was happy and cooperative!

Because I had told her the night before she would need to take a shower before she could color Easter eggs, she was more than eager to get her shower over and done with by 7:30 am!

Rachel had prepared two scrumptious Easter brunch casseroles the night before, so all we had to do was pop them in the oven on Easter morning.

The house smelled deliciously of cream cheese French toast casserole and sausage, egg, and cheese casserole!

While we were waiting to eat our scrumptious meal, Bethany colored her eggs and we let them dry.

Bethany thoroughly enjoyed decorating her eggs this year!

She hates to get her hands dirty and I could tell she was a little anxious about possibly getting egg paint on her fingers.

But Malcolm had chosen our egg decorating kit wisely!

He had purposely picked a guaranteed mess free egg coloring kit!

Bethany never even had to touch an egg in order to beautifully decorate them!

All she had to do was drop the eggs in special plastic bag, then squish them around after Daddy dumped the paints in for her!

It’s so cute that one of Bethany’s eggs looks very much like a tiny, little watermelon!!

Easter eggs

After we had eaten our fill of our yummy Easter breakfast casseroles, it was time for Malcolm to go out and hide Bethany’s beautiful Easter Eggs for the egg hunt!

She could hardly contain her excitement while she waited for him to finish hiding them!

After she found all the eggs once, she wanted to do it all over again one more time!

We were all so happy that Bethany was happy and able to enjoy our Easter Sunday activities!

And as an added bonus, she never even got the dreaded “blood”!!

Please watch the video below to see how adorably excited and thrilled Bethany was to mix the yellow and pink paints to get a lovely orange color!

Join the holiday fun at our house!

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  1. S he is so happy! It makes me happy just to see her so happy! Beautiful eggs. It was a smart call for Malcolm. Happy Easter!

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